Reduce Echo in VoIP calls

If you are really annoyed with the echo on your phone then it is time that you take up things on your hands and take every possible step to eliminate the same. Here is a list of steps that you can take in order to reduce echo in your VoIP calls.

Go for a Full reboot

The reboot will allow your system to reload all the software and hardware components and eliminate any problem that might have been occurring due to the failure of a particular component. This can help to reduce the echo in your VoIP calls.

Checking for the Internal echo

If you are hearing the echo during the local calls then you need to check for the internal echo. Since all the connections are digital in nature, so Switchbox related issues will never occur. The echo can be due to the problems with your phone system or the network that connects with the switchbox.

Analog lines can cause echo

In case you are using analog lines then why not connect the analog phones to this network. By isolating the analog network you will be able to understand whether there is a problem with the analog line or is it your digital lines that are causing the echo. If you are able to hear an echo then you need to contact your operator and request them to reduce the echo. If you are using the Switchbox then you can even reduce the echo with the software but your provider has numerous options when it comes to reducing echo.

Hardware Echo Cancellation Module

If your telephony card has a Hardware Echo Cancellation Module then you need to check whether everything is fine with the same or not. You need to open your switchbox find out the telephony card. The cancellation module is purple in color and is located at the end of the telephony card. You can remove the card from its PCI slot and re-install it – this can at times eliminate the unnecessary echo in the calls.

Check your telephones

You need to check your telephone system in order to get rid of the irritating echo during the calls. Often it is the telephone system that creates the problem so it is better to check the telephone systems by reducing the volume of your phone – if this helps in reducing the echo then there can’t be anything better than this.

You also need check your headphone or other components that are used during the calls. In case of an echo, try replacing the components and note if the move makes any difference or not. You can even replace the phone system and connect a completely new one for reducing the echo.

Network echo too can make things really bad

There is also a great chance of experiencing network echo so it is best to contact your IT support team before trying to restart the network. Your network equipments like the routers firewalls and switches can be checked for their settings and restarting the equipments after making changes to the settings can eliminate echo. All the network equipments are present in order to aide VoIP communication but at times small setting related issues can result in echo.

Here is a list of VoIP issues that might cause echo:

  • SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)
  • Smart Packet Detection
  • SIP ALG (SIP Application Layer Gateway)
  • SIP Transformations
  • Option 66 on router
  • NAT Filtering
  • ALG
  • SIP Inspection

In order to minimize or get rid of echo on your network, it is imperative to disable all the above features to receive clear voice signal over your VoIP telephone system. 

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