Value of mobile apps in special education

Role of Mobile Apps in Special Education

The advent of technology has made our daily life better and less confined. Children are now directly interacted with what they like to have or what they should have like others. Mobile apps are one of the famous-existent examples. Reading readiness is perfectly suitable for mobile apps as it is contributing to the diffusion of learning from a dormant to active mode and thus opening up the opportunities to drive our high-tech education to sea changes.


Mobile apps are standing at a position where it is considered as a vital tool for classroom and special education. It becomes useful for special education because mobile devices containing mobile apps are less bulky and easy to handle. There is no need to fix your place to learn from mobile apps, its accessibility is everywhere and every time. The benefits of mobile apps use have made a strong case to utilize them as a development plan to provide education to special children. It has accepted as an educational tool with hi-tech apps that has innovated special education dramatically driven by its game-changing attributes.

Mobile apps are making full use of touch screen allowing parents and teachers to monitor their special children soar specially, psychologically and academically. Thus, mobile apps are not just meeting the special needs but providing an excellent source to foster reading readiness.

Identification of shapes and colors

Shapes and colors are included in the early childhood program as these are fundamental attributes of our surrounding. Special children with the impairment of recognizing shapes and colors can improve their disability through mobile apps. There are many activity apps in the form of brilliant games and other mobile apps that allow children to decode their problems smoothly by playing games. Such activity apps are reducing the learning burden, and learners have ample options to choose the most entertaining activity.

Learning reading

Reading sometimes becomes the most boring activity for special children. Difficulties in reading maximize problems in learning alphabets and sentences, but mobile apps have also solved this problem. Colorful pictures with animating characters keep engaging special children and minimize distraction. E-books have expanded the range of learning to read and learning to speak. Teachers or parents can easily install any e-books of the children’s interest and support the reading needs.

Growth of hand-eye coordination

Children with the difficulties of coordination of eye with their hands are related to the output information from the brain. Special children experience issues while holding their pencils or making blocks. But there are some exciting mobile apps which encourage the confidence of children, and they comfortably work on their hand movement like drawing programs, bubble games and angry birds. These apps are fun activities for the normal children, but these are more than just fun games for special children as such games are tools to learn skills.

Improvement in visual analysis

Mobile apps have opened up plenty of options to enhance the visual analysis of the special children. This is a special need for these kids which affect on their reading, writing and speaking. Puzzles, drawing, matching blocks and pictures, paper art and connect shapes are such games which are playing their part as the innovative and interacting mobile apps and equipping children to develop and advance their visual learning.

Enhancing ABC writing

Mental disability in synthesizing and comprehending information is mostly pronounced by writing disability. Spelling inconsistency and inaccurate copying letters are prominent writing issues. However, mobile apps have made learning and development process more smooth and precise. Now special children can easily learn alphabets through ABC Rhymes videos and ABC writing apps by touching experience and therefore, Ipad, Tablets and Smartphone are more sophisticated and ideal for kids.

In order to develop a special child through the use of mobile apps, parents and teachers must customize the mobile devices with conceivable mobile apps because mobile apps provide complex neurological pathways and work together with multiple sensory systems. Mobile apps work as a digital tech and let special children grasp the prerequisite skills without over-burdening their minds.

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