SEO Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Blogging Campaign

Search engine optimization is essential for the success of any blogging campaign. Therefore, it must be implemented in an appropriate manner. SEO is a very intricate process mainly due to Google algorithms that keep on changing and have powerful effects on ranking.

There are so many myths about SEO that it becomes difficult to accept their authenticity but the following common mistakes must be avoided at any cost:

Buying Links

You can get short term improvement in your website rank by purchasing links but this is a very risky deal. Paid links are often flagged by the Google search engine experts. Google bots search for the suspicious linking patterns on daily basis.

It is better to build links manually at different high PR blogs to attain worthwhile success.

Duplicate Content

Various bloggers target a topic with very similar keyword variations. For example, ‘making money on internet’ and ‘make money on internet’ are very similar and don’t add much value to your website.

If you are using the same content for one topic, it can pose a risk of search engine penalty. Therefore, strengthen your posts by concentrating on one topic and keyword.

Chasing Page Rank

Although page rank is vital for the success of any website, it is not the only metric that can assist you in making your blog successful. Google has already told that page rank is only one of the two hundred indicators used to rank a website. Instead your focus should be on ROI and relevancy.

Using Free Hosting Blogs

Free of cost blog services like Blogger, WordPress and many others can offer a great and exciting platform. But these platforms are not much flexible for installing plugin themes and other extensions to achieve superior SEO results.

All it will require is domain registration and purchasing a cost effective hosting plan. You might not need to spend more than $60 for both for the whole year. It is worth few bucks every month to gain complete control over your website.

Keyword Stuffing

One of the most commonly observed SEO mistake is keyword stuffing. It is not only immoral but will also hurt your search engine rankings. If you are really interested in ranking a bunch of keywords, focus on the creation of useful pages that have keywords included as part of content.

Writing Less Content

Majority of websites and blogs suffer from very brief posts. Writing very short posts hurts the loyalty of the reader and your page can fall in the category of low quality when it comes to SEO ranks. Therefore, make sure that the length of the posts should be more than 500 words.

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Ryan Phillips has been working in the Tulsa web design company. for the last ten years. He has been designing websites for several reputed companies. He feels that adaptive approach scores better over responsive approach.

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