SEO Ranking Reports for Websites

When it comes to your website, the better off your search engine rankings the more views you are going to receive, which turns into more hits, which in turn is going to increase the amount of sales and revenue you make. However, it is rather difficult to simply improve your search engine results when you don’t know what you are doing. While you can tinker with the keywords and add more back links, if you don’t how your website is performing you are not going to know what to change and who you are up against.

Due to this, you need to consider SEO ranking reports. While search engines are not going to tell you what specifically they are looking for, because if they did, every website on the Internet would use this information, you are still able to determine where your website is lacking and what you can do about it. There are three general options for analyzing your search results and what you are able to do in order to improve your particular results. While you can’t alter what the competition is doing, you can alter what you are doing. In the end, this should help you drastically improve your search results and bring in more visitors.

Google Analytics

For starters, it is very important to use Google Analytics. this is a free service provided by Google that allows you to check different changes in traffic patterns and how your website measure up to the general traffic patterns. This way, you can see what words are more popular in search results, what words are trending, what you need to consider and who you are up against. By knowing this information it is far easier for you to improve your website and ultimately increase the ranking you have with the search engines.

Spot Check the Site

You need to check how your website is doing with other websites on the Internet. When you type in what your website’s keywords are, you can see what other websites are ahead of you. This way, you can click on every website and see where the keywords are, what kind of information these sites are providing and potentially even back links. While you might have a good number of websites ahead of yours, if you just see what the top links are doing you can adjust and improve your website in order to mirror these results. This way, you can improve your search engine standing while determining how to best the current top viewed websites.

Avoid Penalties

Possibly the most important aspect you need to do is avoid search engine penalties. There are all sorts of different penalties when using search engines, as if you overuse a keyword or cram in too many links into a single page, it is possible to harm rather than help, your search engine results. It is possible to ‘scrap’ the Google database, but you want to avoid this. Google can track you, and if they discover it is you, they will penalize your website.

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