Life is meaningful when you have a goal to achieve. The same way I believe, blogging should be made meaningful by chalking out plans for the same and following it up with the desired goals. As a blogger, what I have found that most of us blog with the sole objective of making money online. While there have been people who have been exceptional with the same purpose, yet there lies a group which has struggled with the same. But anyways, there is nothing like giving up. You can make it big one day for sure. Just focus more on your objectives and work accordingly. I don’t know if you had ever come across this thought – How much money can I make from blogging? What is the maximum reachable income from my blogging? Can I really make it big like Amit Bhawani, Harsh Aggarwal, etc..?

Well, I certainly had a very similar thought the other day. Also, just a few days back I was discussing on the same topic with one of my blogger friends. I simply asked him how much was he making from his blog. He told me that he wasn’t making much as he has been concentrating more on his studies and was planning to move to US for higher studies. I then asked him if he knew how much money do bloggers like Amit Bhawani, Amit Aggarwal and Harsh Aggarwal make from their blog. He told me that he wasn’t knowing it exactly but it was mostly near around 20-25 lakhs per month while in some cases the unofficial figures crossed over crores per year. Mind-blowing…I must say. Certainly a never ending dream for most of us. But anyways, one shouldn’t forget that it is a fruit of their labor which has paid them those results. Nothing comes easy and when you put it in your best, the best has to come to you. Same thing to be said with these bloggers.

All of these bloggers are very rightly the web entrepreneurs of today. They could have done with their degrees and a better job profile but instead they decided to go ahead with the thing called blogging and the rest is history. With an estimated 4.5 million page views per month and a daily schedule of 14-hour workdays, Amit Aggarwal has made his blog as his biggest source of income, with 75% of the revenue coming from it. Very similar is the story of Amit Bhawani, the founder of, now Starting as a personal blogger, the MBA graduate from Hyderabad has 300 domain names registered under his company Digital World Solutions with 40 sites and blogs operational, covering technology, health, education and automobiles. Last year Amit Bhawani made Rs 1.2 crore from his blog with 70% of the revenue coming from Google AdSense. Though both Amit Aggarwal and Amit Bhawani  make use of programs like google adsense to boost their earnings, difference lies in the way they approach their goal. Unlike Amit Aggarwal, Amit Bhawani has a team of content writers at least 16 writers to feed his 40 websites. No doubt, he is making crores..!

So, there you go again. Nothing is impossible. I am bound to say the same when I see money bloggers like Amit Bhawani, Amit Aggarwal, Harsh Aggarwal, etc… Honestly, there is no such comparison with these bloggers and it would take years for anyone like me to reach at the very similar level. Only thing I can say, yes…you too can make a lot from your blogging as you are no different from these people. Keep blogging but with a goal. Be Professional, Be Practical, Be Realistic. Work out on a very similar approach as taken by these prominent figures in the blogosphere. Have Passion, Persistence and Patience…you will surely make it to the top one day..!