Shopping online is something I have never been so fascinated with. But yet, the truth is I love to shop online and even if its not a craze for me, I really cannot stay away from the same. Its been long since I logged into to any shopping site to purchase anything. Most of the times, its been offline. The usual touch and feel cannot be experienced in any other way and therefore, I think most of us are quite resistant to shopping on the web.

I believe this is fairly common in a country like India where people other than those living in the metros still prefer traditional shopping practices where until and unless, they don’t go, see and feel the product they feel hesitant to buy anything. Also, one more prime concern lies with the security. Anyways, I am not here to discuss it all in detail. As I told before, I love to shop online and would like do it more often if I have the money for the same ;)

Talking about shopping online, the site I prefer presently for the same is This doesn’t mean that I do not like shopping on other sites. Ohh…it wasn’t the ebay. It was if you remember it properly. Ebay took over bazee in the year 2005 and from then onwards, was branded as Surely, there are many similar sites around but say it as my luck, I had my first online shopping experience with the same.

I remember I had created my account in in the year 2003 and to start with, I had purchased a game cd and later I had purchased one college bag from the same site. Initially, I was a bit hesitant to buy these products online but anyways, I bought them and I have to say here the kind of service which I received from ebay was just awesome. I got my products in time and in absolutely great condition. One of the top reasons why I am became more interested in this site. Well, now its been more than 8 years and I haven’t had much opportunity to shop online but still, if I do feel like shopping online, I will surely prefer over others. And now with launch of ebay India Mobile, shopping does look to be more fun !

Yes, ebay India mobile is the name of the service and it has been launched just 2-3 days back. Targeted at growing mobile user base, this newly launched service from ebay gives people in India an option to shop on go from anywhere and anytime (be it in a store / in a restaurant / anywhere else for that matter). The Online Mobile market in India is in the midst of a major transformation. Surging smartphone sales (294% YoY growth in Q3 ’10 – Source: IDC India) & an increased focus on data revenues from mobile operators is acting as a key driver in increasing the number of first-time mobile internet users. Added to this, the 3G Spectrum auctions and operator rollout of 3G services is likely to take this adoption to an entirely new level. And so, the launch of ebay India mobile is quite rightly a positive step.
Now, how to make use of this ebay India mobile service? To start using this service, you just have to login to using your mobile web browser and then you can start searching, and buying items while on the move. You can compare prices of products while you are at a store or just browse product details whenever you have spare time on your hands. eBay India Mobile would work on most key handsets that are popular in the Indian market (Nokia Featurephones and Smartphones, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android). Additionally, any user with a supported handset and a GPRS connection can buy items from eBay India Mobile.

Also, along with the ebay India Mobile, users can also avail services from eBay SMS Pricebook. The ebay SMS Pricebook service was launched alongside with ebay India Mobile. To make use of this feature, you can follow these steps -
To find the price of any item on eBay India – simply send your search to 567678 in the format ‘EBAY ’.  E.g. if you would like to search for an iPhone 4, send an SMS with the content ‘EBAY iPhone 4’ to 567678 and you would get the best price for the desired item available to you instantly on any handset.

Whether you are in a departmental store or at a gathering, eBay India SMS Pricebook would allow you to check the price of any product available on eBay website (

You can also view the latest deals on eBay India (by sending ‘EBAY Deals’ to 567678).

Other than these, many new features are to be rolled out in near future to enhance shopping experience via Ebay India Mobile. Sellers at Ebay India are more likely to appreciate these new additions. 

Now, I know this post has been quite longer than usual. May appear boring too but anyways, I think its useful to those at least, who feel like shopping anytime and everytime. Ebay India has been up with numerous changes and additions in recent times. And this latest service is surely one the best additions from their part. Hope shoppers in India find it useful…!