Shopsee – The Coolest Virtual Window Shopping With Your Friends

Online Shopping is fun and Shopsee takes it to another level. Yes, you read it right! 

This little application packs a punch. Glad I came to know about it. As someone who loves to shop online, Shopsee can be a fantastic addition to your list of shopping applications. Ideally, its among the coolest apps in my opinion.

Shopsee is definitely not an alternative to Amazon or Flipkart. Instead, it makes shopping from these ecommerce giants an incredible experience. The app is especially useful for window shoppers, those who love staring rather than buying. And surely, I am one of them.

Top features of Shopsee

Browse online stores – Well if you love spending your time browsing online shopping sites in India, you won’t be disappointed. With Shopsee, you can browse unlimited number of products available from top retailers and brands in India.

Interact with friends – This is what makes Shopsee stand out from the rest. With Shopsee, you can browse and share things with your closed ones just like in any other physical store. You can get fresh ideas from your friends regarding your shopping list.

Ring for FREE – How about a call to your friend and that too FREE!! Yes with Shopsee, calling your friend anytime is just as easy as 1,2,3…. You can connect with 5 friends on call at a time.

Chat and discuss – Shopsee lets you text and interact with your closed ones via embedded chat feature. You can get new shopping ideas.. Apart from the same, you can create topics for discussion, leave ratings on chat and do lots more…

How to get started with Shopsee?

Let’s see how exactly does Shopsee work.

Head over to the Google play store and search for Shopsee app and download it. Alternatively, you can install the app by clicking on the below image. You will be redirected to Shopsee app play store page.

Get it on Google Play

Once you have installed the app, you need to register on the same by providing your phone no. It is only after registering yourself, you would be able to harness the true potential of the Shopsee app.

As you can see on the left side, I have completed the registration process and now I am ready to go!

The next screen lets me explore the main dashboard from where I can browse anything of my interest. I can browse through the available categories in shopping or any other product in specific categories like sport, womens clothing, womens footwear, sport, etc…

To make it a easier to find what I exactly want, I have an option to search from the top horizontal search bar. You can refine your search by using filters on the next screen. You can refine your search on the basis of available category, brands and retailers. You can also customize your pricing range so that you are not too wayward with your budget.

Make your choice and let Shopsee help you find exactly what you need!!

Now here is the best part of Shopsee app. Shopsee lets your interact with another Shopsee user even when you are apart from each other. Just click on the person icon with + symbol as depicted on the image in the left side. You will be able to browse through the contact list and add any other Shopsee user. If the user added in not on Shopsee, you can simply send an invitation link to join Shopsee.

With another Shopsee user, you will be able to engage in interactive discussions including phone calls and chats. You can discuss regarding your shopping lists, preferences or any other topic to improve your shopping experience.

It really makes it mutually benefiting to you as well as your friends.

Below is a demo video of Shopsee app which I had recorded on my mobile phone. You can check out how easy it is to use the app.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the app, please feel free to ask it in the comment box. I will get back to you with all the answers.

Happy Shopping!!

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