Guest Posting is an effective way of increasing traffic to your blog, creating quality backlinks and needless to say that how much it helps in networking with other bloggers.In short guest posting is marketing your blog effectively – Am I right??

When you write guest posts for other bloggers you want to write such a post which will create interest in readers of other blogs so that they pay a visit to your blog. One thing which you should remember is that while doing guest posts in other blogs don’t over promote yourself by revealing too much information about yourself as most readers don’t appreciate this.

Regarding guest post one thing can come to your mind is that should I write a guest post in my competitor’s blog? Will it benefit me? Believe me there are lots of bloggers who don’t appreciate the idea of doing guest post.

Some bloggers feel that if they do a guest post in their competitor’s blog they will loose their loyal readers! Well if you have a bigger fan following then this will not be the case.

To be honest if you take my opinion then I don’t think you will loose your visitors. If your blog has good and unique content then your readers will NOT leave you. There is a saying that “CONTENT IS KING”. Hence, always try to write good contents in your blog which your readers will value as the mere existence of your blog online is because of your readers. Readers visit blogs to find valuable info around and for that they visit websites/blogs of same niche. Consider an example, if a reader wants to know about “make money online” then he will visit all the quality blogs of that niche.

Hence, don’t be skeptic of doing a guest post on blogs which are of your own niche. Grow as a network with bloggers of same niche; update your blog regularly with quality content. Your readers will flock around your blog as “bees around nectar”.
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