How to find a voip vendor easily in the market today?

Simple and Easy Way to Select a VOIP Vendor

VoIP is the mainstay of today’s communication technology. Each and every business houses, irrespective of its scale of operation, is turning to this technology to restructure it s communication system. Even the small scale businesses are quickly turning to the alternative communication technologies like hosted PBX, VoIP or cable based communication system, discarding the traditional telephones.

There are number of vendors or service providers in the market today, who provide VoIP phone services. While on one hand this provides a plethora of options to the business to choose from, on the other hand it might quite well leave them confused. Let us discuss some of the simplest and easiest ways to select a VoIP Vendor.


When it comes to choosing the VoIP vendors the first and foremost factor that should cross the mind is affordability. The services that will not cut a hole in the pocket should be availed. At the same time, it needs to be seen that maximum benefits are available from the package, while one eye is kept on the price. These services at times come up with a string value added features like offers for free international calls to a particular set of nations and other various optional features. Also, it needs to be seen whether there is any additional or hidden cost involved or not.

Presence of Freebies or Value added features

Another factor that needs to be taken into account is whether the service provider in question is offering any freebie or any value added features. As the presence of too many service provider has resulted in a lot of competition and in order to stay afloat the service providers come up with freebies and a wide range of value added features. These may include call waiting, caller ID display, call blocking, call transferring, and speed dialing and other important features. It is wise to opt for the service providers, which will provide the most number of freebies and value added features.

Periods of Free Trial

There are a number of VoIP service providers to choose from, even for the first time buyers. One of the first things that people need to look into, are the periods of free trial that are available with these packages. These periods are the best ways of determining the usage of the system by the staffs that the businesses have as well as by the technical support team. The connection quality is another thing that needs to be checked before taking the final decision. However, it is imperative to keep in mind that one should not buy any special equipment, while the free service period is under way so that it is easy to ship the equipment back should such need arise.

Judging the technical support

After installation of the VoIP system, the staff might face initial difficulties handling it. Hence, in order to get rid of that what the business would need is a strong and sound 24×7 technical help desk. It is expected that the technical desk will come up with solutions to the technical queries and initial hiccups. Hence, judging the competency of the technical help desk of a VoIP vendor is another extremely important issue that needs to be taken into account before opting for a proper VoIP vendor.

Though there might be other points to take into account before opting for a particular VoIP service provider, the ones discussed above are the most important points that need to be remembered by the businesses before they opt for installation of the VoIP based communication system. As a foot note it can also be mentioned that the help of the VoIP experts can also be taken prior to selecting a service provider.