Single Device with Multiple Features: VoIP

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one technology that offers innumerable advantages along with amazing telephony features. Major business houses across the world are realizing the potential of VOIP telephony and are switching to the technology that gives them more freedom in terms of operations as well as business communications. Among all the advanced telephony features, the three that stands out are the auto attendant, conferencing and music on hold. These three features have given the extra mileage to VoIP telephony suites available in the market from leading manufacturers. Let us delve deeper into each feature and unearth the facilities they offer:

Auto Attendant

VoIP system comes with the in-built auto attendant feature that helps you to maintain seamless communication with your employees and clients. Your business will be able to enhance its image by maintaining an impeccable communication system. By migrating to VoIP phone system, which has an in-built auto attendant feature, you will be able to handle all the calls in a professional manner. Thus, when the call management comes down to just a few clicks then you can always opt to cut down on your workforce and reduce the number of customer care agents working for your company. This will further lead to curbing of extra expenses, which can be used for other vital business expenses like marketing, branding etc.

There are professional greeting messages that callers can hear when they connect a call to your office number and these messages can be customized according to your office hours, post-office hours, holidays, weekends etc. Auto attendant can also be used to set options like dial by extension, dial by name and even live operator. All the calls will be automatically routed to the respective departments or executives depending on the options the callers select. The auto attendant feature can handle multiple calls simultaneously without giving any busy signals to the caller. Irrespective of your location, you will be able to make as well as receive calls thus providing a perpetual existence to your customer care facility.

Auto attendant feature helps you to cut down expenses of hiring additional agents or upgrading your PBX system. Every penny that you save can be used for other business purpose, which eventually will lead to higher productivity and greater profits.


Audio and video conferencing is the standard feature available with all the latest VoIP telephone systems. VoIP subscribers can expect to use this feature to make audio or video conference calls. All they will be required to do is connect the device with the VoIP network and schedule a conference. The conferencing feature will help you to cut down on your travelling costs and save a lot of money. You can save yourself from travelling all the way to your client’s site and instead carry out a prompt presentation by availing the call conferencing feature of your VoIP telephone system.

Music on hold

A consumer survey has revealed that 9 out of every 10 caller prefer to hear music instead of a silence while their calls are kept on hold by the agents. So if you are serious about providing the best calling experience to your customers, it is imperative that you choose the music on hold feature available with your VoIP telephone system.

You can turn the wait-time for your clients into music-time by choosing the appropriate music that appeal to the target demographic. You can opt for a classical piece or a jazz music sample or include elevator music for your customers. You also have the option of accessing radio channels and recording customized music pieces. There are many users who prefer the company messages instead of music streams, so you too can opt to run a short promotional audio using the music on hold feature.

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