App development for normal students and special students

Special Students vs. Normal Students Apps Development

Education is a must for all. The average students can easily avail everything; they can walk, talk, see, listen and most importantly have an ability to understand –they know to interpret things, encounter issues. They argue and capable of generating ideas using creativity and general skills but what about the students with special needs?

We can easily appreciate a regular student on his excellent achievement.  On the contrary, if a student with a disability does the same performance then we will not only encourage him, we evenly honour the special one for this accomplishment because a regular student is utilizing all his physical and mental skills, whereas a special student is deficient from any one of both.


Educational needs for special students

Special teaching varies from regular education in two ways

  • First of all, for teaching exceptional students, additional specialist; such as speech therapist, specialised staff, physical therapist, aides, social worker, etc. are involved beyond regular classroom teacher.
  • In a case of special students, specialised professional’s skills are needed to be matched with these students’ requirements.
  • In teaching students with special needs, different intensive, individualised methods are used. Students learn about basic living skills with the help of PT (Physical therapy), OT (occupational therapy) and other related services like language and speech therapy.
  • They need exceptional design curriculum because they are considered as non-degree students.
  • A behaviour plan is designed for them by the collaboration of psychologist and other specialists to help child focus energy on learning and to meet daily living requirements

E-Learning for students

With the advancement of technology, students are more inclined to e-learning than a formal education. With E-learning, students are motivated to learn more. E-Learning enables the students to create quickly and communicates new ideas, E-Learning is flexible for students, especially in remote areas, due to which students have freedom to learn at their convenience.

Apps development for normal students

E-Learning further tends to the development of useful educational Apps for students. Several Apps these days have changed the modern world. Apps helped us in various ways; we can communicate and share any information all over. E-Learning Apps are essential for students these days. In a study conducted in March’2015, McGrow Hill Education concluded that “77 percent of students say that they have improved their grades by using smart phones and tablets and 62 percent say that tech helps them to prepare for their classes as these Apps make the long homework and class hours go little more smoothly”.

There are numerous Apps can be easily found on the internet but following Apps are helping average students to discover more and learn with provocation:

The free drop box

The free drop box is a mobile App; it makes saving and sharing of documents effortless for students. Materials such as notes, photos and videos are secured at one location. Students quickly can add notes to files they want to share so that a group project doesn’t have to take too long.

Photo Math

This App will get many students out of suffering in solving Maths problem. This advance App will answer every Maths problem by pointing the camera at the problem and show step by step explanation.

Complete student pack

This App helps students in Science and Maths. This App includes 210 topics and more than 1,500 formulas. It also contains seven different calculators, a unit converter and more than 200 quizzes for students to test their progress

Vocabulary Builder from Magoosh

Through vocabulary, builder students search and learn new vocabularies and it helps them in learning additional vocabularies for GRE (Graduate record examination), SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language).

Apps development for special students

In comparison with the Apps developed for average students, there are advanced Apps available for those with special needs.

See, touch, and learn, pro

The App has multiple purposes along with built-in flashcards and can be easily customised by speech therapist, parents and teachers

My first ACC by Injini

It’s a communication App, especially for the students who have speech disorders.

Phonic Genius

This App is loaded with content which helps the students learn rapidly about how to read and recognise words through phonic awareness.

I get it

It’s a specialised App design to facilitate intellectual growth for the students suffering from Autism, auditory processing disorder. It contains identification series for such students.

In a Special case

As we have observed and studied from both perspective; in the normal student App development, it is found out that average students have numerous of Apps for multiple subjects learning, these Apps are consist of advancement. The Apps for normal students haven’t got any much similarity.

Whereas, App development for special students required to be upgraded as many of them related to speech therapy and it is because of the reason that speech therapy can be helpful for them in tackling several issues.

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