Stay in Touch With Your Friends Using SeeU App

If you love being social with others then this app is for you. SeeU is a nice little app with cool features which make it very social. Though honestly, I haven’t been used to such apps in my device, the SeeU app made me to think why am I not having such apps despite spending most of my time in social networking and related activities. For someone like me, SeeU is ideally suited as it does offer very interesting and useful features which if utilized effectively can greatly impact the quality of your social life.


SeeU is basically for those who love to stay in touch with their friends. The app lets you explore your social life in a very advanced manner. The best part of the app is the events section where you can create any event and share the same with your contacts choosing the desired privacy option. Regarding adding contacts, it is very easy. Once you have clicked on the option to add a contact from the app dashboard, you can see a list of all available contacts (email ids) which are synchronized from your existing contacts in the mobile device. You can then send invitations to any of the chosen contacts to join you. Once they join you, you can then make them a part of the event you organize.

You can also add them to favorites so that you keep receiving notifications about activities of this person. Groups can also be created to organize contacts. Map is another great addition to this app. Through maps, you can show both events and contacts on the map. You can also choose notification radius and show your own position too on the map. Calendar available in the app makes it easy to know what your friends are upto. You can look into the same and find what your friends are doing. Last but not the least, you can also chat with your contacts using the Chat feature.

Below you can see what specific icons/symbols mean in the app

Now, I did spend some time with the app to see how it all worked. And I was impressed though I did witness some lag in the performance. I could see some delay in the execution of certain features. Hopefully, it should all be sorted out in the next version.

Below is a small presentation of the app showing all required steps involved along with the best features of the SeeU app. Please watch it in fullscreen for a better clarity.

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