Recover lost data with stellar phoenix windows data recovery software

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Review

With data loss on the rise, data recovery has become a concern for all in this computing environment. This problem is worst for Windows users, as a significant section of users count on Windows system. In this scenario, the need for Windows Data Recovery software further rises.

In the Data Recovery market, many Windows Data Recovery tools are flourishing. Each of these tools claim to recover the lost or deleted data effortlessly. Out of the several data recovery service providers, one such brand is Stellar Data Recovery; the company deals in an array of Data Recovery tools worldwide. Out of all the tools, we tested Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home. We can quickly state that the software truly lives up to its name. Just like a self-regenerating phoenix, the software helps to bring back the lost or deleted files to life.  Have a look at different aspects of the software:

What Everybody Ought to Know about Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home


ProcessorPentium Class
Operating SystemWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, & XP
Memory1 GB Minimum
Hard Disk Space50 MB of Free Space
Languages SupportEnglish, German, French, Italian, Spanish


The installation of the software is straightforward.  There is no requirement for special tools or techniques.  Even, a novice user can easily install. Thus, in short, the software is the perfect option for all audiences. Just download the software from the official site.

Read-Only Version

Another critical factor from the perspective of configuration and installation. Fortunately, this Windows Data Recovery tool is 100% safe. The software is anti-malware and guarantees no modification in the file system.

Design and User Interface

Stellar Data Recovery is not the new name in the data recovery niche. The brand is in the market for the last
two-and-a-half decades and is known for the award-winning software lineup. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Home comes with a self-explanatory recovery wizard and easy-to-use interface. Powerful scanning algorithms, useful file search option, and multiple File System simultaneous scan facility, the software stand a league ahead of its humble counterparts.

Apart from these, the software encompasses several other unique features to ensure secure recovery in the fastest turnaround time.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Unique Traits Improved Unicode support Improved preview support Multiple DPI support Turn On Preview option Support for 300 or more file types Support for NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32, and exFAT file System

These intuitive features make recovery easy.

The Guaranteed Method to Several Data Loss Cases

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home is a proven software to work in multiple odd situations diligently.  These instances are as follow:

Fool-proof tactic to multiple data loss cases Malware attack Operating System corruption Permanent deletion Media device corruption Logical errors

The Science of Windows Data Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Data

The first screen asks to choose the data type. The Windows Data Recovery tool ensures to recover all types of Data. This includes Photos, Videos, Audio, Documents, Emails, Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint Files.  Just checkmark the desired type and click Next to proceed without any hiccups.

windows data recovery software

The second primary interface allows to select the location.  The software is compatible with different types of storage media like internal/external hard drives, digital cameras, pen drives, memory cards, flashcards, etc. Further, this screen also provides an option to choose the specific location. Can’t Find Drive is also present to recover lost partition. Just select the preferred location and click Scan.

windows data recovery software

The third interface is all about the scanning process. This screen depicts information such as  Looking In, Scanning Status, Files Found, Time Left, and Time Elapsed.  Also, there is a Turn On Preview toggle, which can be turned on or off. To enhance the scanning speed and time, just toggle off.

Value-added Information: The scanning speed of the software is remarkable. The quick processing reminded about the Ford Raptor to us.
windows data recovery software

On the next screen, the software lists all the scanned files under the three tabs: ‘File Type’, ‘Tree View’, and ‘Deleted List’. Here, just select the desired file and folder to launch the Preview. This hierarchical arrangement provides a better understanding.  Another plus point, the screen provides complete information related to file (such as size, type, creation date, and modification date.)

windows data recovery software

Lastly, click on the Recover button and specify the destination to save the selected files and folders.

windows data recovery software

Helpful Tip: This Windows Data Recovery Software also includes a powerful scan feature: Deep Scan.  This option comprehensively scans the storage media sector by sector and provides a more precise result.

Compiling Everything Together

Parameter Stars
Effectiveness4 Stars
Performance4 Stars
Ease of usage5 Stars
User Interface5 Stars
Scanning4.5 Stars
Success Rate4 Stars

In Summation

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home is an ideal choice for all the smart users, who are looking forward to a robust, efficient, and secure software to bring back lost or deleted data. So, count on it for hassle-free data recovery.