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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional Review

Inadvertently deleted files from your hard drive! Now what to do?

To begin with, let me ask you a question. How will you recover deleted files from your hard drive given that you’ve permanently deleted them? It could be your family photos, or some critical PDF files (job application, brochures, document analytics, flyers, etc). Whatever be the case, you’ll do anything to get your files back, isn’t?

In such situation, a hard drive recovery utility may seem the best solution to get you out of the misery. Further, data recovery is often a hit or miss case, your selection of tools determines the success of data recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional has got your back!

Installation is smooth

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is a powerhouse in the realm of data recovery and is a notable hard drive recovery software to bring back your lost files. To test the software’s efficiency, I deliberately deleted some files including some digital files, word files, and some pictures just to check if the software supports all file formats.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional

The installer process is simple and doesn’t require any additional third-party adware. It is just a ‘click and go’ procedure. Besides, with minimal system requirement, you can easily run the software. Click Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional to download the latest version of this powerful software.

System Requirements

Processor – Pentium Class

Operating System – Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP

Memory – 1 GB Minimum

Hard Disk – 50 MB of Free Space

Getting started

Once the installation is complete, you’re free to launch the software. From the options given on the interface, make your selection and click ‘Next’. The software has an impressive interface and makes for easy navigation throughout the process.

Excellent Support: In case you face any problem related to download or want relevant information about the software, you can reach out to them via email or phone. In addition, live chat option is available on the official site to assist you in the best possible manner.

I really liked the software’s intuitive interface and didn’t have trouble searching for menus. Further, if you don’t know what to recover, then simply checkmark the first option and the software will recover everything deleted from the hard drive. On the other hand, if you want to recover a specific file (let’s say PDF files), then select the respective option.

The user interface of Stellar Phoenix Windows Recovery – Professional saves you a great deal of navigation time as everything is placed perfectly. A time saving software.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

As you can observe, Stellar Phoenix provides you with the option to recover data as per your requirement. Whether you wish to recover office documents, folders, emails, photos, audio and video files, all you have to do is select the corresponding option and proceed with the recovery process. It’s just a few clicks affair.

Well-designed software which pays attention to simplicity and makes for easy navigation.

If you’re having trouble making your selection, just hover the cursor over each button and the software guides you on what each feature does. It further eases the recovery process. After specifying your choice, click on ‘Next’ to select the location from where you want to recover data. The location could be the internal hard drive, any external connected media, or even a lost partition. Apart from that, if you’ve already created a disk image of your partition, you can recover data from it as well.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

How long does scanning take?

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional facilitates two scanning option i.e. Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick Scan, as the name suggests, quickly scans the hard drive while Deep Scan thoroughly scans the hard drive sector by sector to locate the trace of missing files. If after performing Quick Scan you didn’t find the desired file, you can switch to Deep Scan. Deep Scan is based on file signature matching and generally takes more time as compared to Quick Scan.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

The software shows the status of scanning progress i.e. it gives details such as Files Found, Time Elapsed, Time Left, etc. Moreover, during scanning, you can preview recoverable files and if you find the desired file, you can skip the scanning process. The software took 47 minutes to scan my Samsung hard drive (500GB, NTFS), although this may be varied by a few minutes as it depends on file types and the condition of the storage media.

The software is indeed a smart tool.

Once the scanning is complete, the software lets you view and sort recoverable files in three different modes namely – ‘File Type’, ‘Tree View’, and ‘Deleted List’. After viewing the files, all you have to do is just select the required files, click on ‘Recoverand specify the saving location.

Using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional you can retrieve data when the Master Boot Record is damaged or your system fails to boot. Under such circumstances, run the bootable disc (part of the software) to gain access to the system and then run the software to retrieve all your files.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

In a nutshell, you can easily recover data from a myriad of storage devices. The table below summarizes the recovery process:

1) Connect your storage device
2) Download and run Stellar Phoenix Windows Recovery – Professional
3) Scan the connected device for recoverable files
4)Preview and save the files at the defined location

As you can see in the left sidebar, files are hierarchically structured which is of great use. If you want to save the entire folder, simply checkmark that particular folder and the software saves that at the specified location. Also, if you want to save files of subfolder under that specific folder, select that subfolder and you’re good to go.

Over and above, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional lives up to its name i.e. to bring back your data hassle-free. The data recovery process right from the beginning is smooth and is indeed a ‘click and go’ procedure. This hard drive recovery utility recovered my files without modifying them. What else could I ask for? A Must-have tool for data recovery.

 Easy to install, Easy to run & Easy to recover!

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