No invention till date is without the flaws and so do digital photography! Though inception of digital camera with so many advanced features to click a perfect photo has made the photography a cup of tea even for a layman but it too has some drawbacks. These drawbacks can range from accidental pressing of delete button of the camera to camera card corruption which leads to precious photo loss. However, having backup of our invaluable photos most of the times saves us from losing those precious memories but have you ever thought of a situation in which you lost some of your photos of which you do not even have the backup? Well, to deal all such situations of priceless photo loss there are various photo recovery measures available however, if these measures too fail to do any good for you then opting for third-party photo recovery software is advisable.

Let us take a practical example and understand how photo recovery software works as boon to overcome from photo loss situation. Suppose, after clicking some really pleasant photographs of first birthday party celebration of your kid in his school, when you tried to view them in the camera, encountered the below mentioned error message:

“Memory card is not formatted”

This error messages makes all the photos inaccessible and shows that memory card of your digital camera is corrupt. However, don’t panic and first of all stop using the affected memory card and then properly eject this card from the digital camera. After that follow below mentioned steps in order to recover your precious image files:

  • Attach this memory card to your computer through the memory card reader. Check if the card can be accessed normally there? If yes, then copy all the photos from memory card to your computer and then format the card.
  • However, if the memory card is accessible in your computer but you are unable to see the photos stored in it then use efficient third-party photo recovery software to recover the inaccessible photos.
  • If the memory card is not accessible even by your computer or you are encountering some error message when you are trying to access stored photos then formatting of the memory card remains the only way to overcome the issue. Since, we all know formatting deletes all the data/photos stored on the memory card thus at this situation to recover formatted photos, it is recommended to use third- party photo recovery software.
One of the most efficient photo recovery software is Stellar Photo Recovery. This software has very intuitive user interface and simple photo recovery steps using which you can very easily recover all your inaccessible, lost, deleted, or formatted photos. The software has separate versions for Mac and Windows users, so you can select the one according to the operating system used in your computer.
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