Style Yourself With Cool Wearable Technology Device

Style Yourself With Cool Wearable Technology Device

In modern society, people’s lives are always being changed inadvertently by technological innovation and progress. Like the way being brought into the mobile Internet era, people’s lifestyles will occur new changes as wearable devices become full-blown. The picture of everyone buying a cool wearable technology device as their movable possession will be in near future, just like today’s mobile phone.

Arki Fitness Wristband

Wearable devices are usually small in size, can be worn on the body, including watches, bracelets, clip on clothes tools, and glasses and so on. These devices integrate a sensor or a monitor, you can connect via WiFi or Bluetooth with other devices, cell phones, to receive information from other smart devices. These devices may be used for health or fitness class applications, and many other applications. Here to tell you a seemingly homely yet powerful smart wristband which is also a hot selling one on dhgate.

The fitness wristband called Arki, is a similar to Fitibit, but more powerful products. In addition to its daily workout tracking the steps of a user, it can also adjust the user’s posture based on the number of steps and quality. Through active learning technique say Body Balance Analysis, Arki could analyze the wearer’s shoulders, waist and hips, and provide feedback to tell users how to improve the himself.

In addition, Arki could performs like ordinary fitness wristband acts as a pedometer to track users’ calories and sleep. Meanwhile the wristband part uses a replaceable design, which not only offers a variety of colors, but has two options of plastic and leather. It is said, Arki intelligent fitness wristband is just in 99-129 US dollars between on

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