Technology and BYOD in the Workplace

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is the latest trend that employees of several companies are falling for. BYOD is the trend wherein employees bring their own devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops to work. They use these devices to perform different business activities at office and even access organizational resources like file servers, databases etc. through these devices.


Why This Sudden Influx of BYOD

So why is this sudden trend catching up with the younger generation? Well, the reason is pretty simple and it has everything to do with the present generation of workforce who have a completely different perspective towards the use of technology. The present generation is influencing with the way they are communicating with work. There are several employees who are comfortable working with devices like tablets and smartphones. Now, all these employees will look forward to support from their organizations.  The adoption of BYOD has got a shot in the arm with the penetration of a wide range of mobile devices.

Use of Personal Devices

Use of personal devices at workplace not only offers freedom but also facilitates flexibility in terms of choice of device. From phone systems to computer usage, they can use any device they are comfortable working with rather than keep using the same old equipment provided by their companies. Productivity is substantially increased when the employees are using their preferred devices as they are able to respond to calls, messages, voicemails and mails quickly.

BYOD is all about empowerment of employees where IT plays a very important role. The present day workforce demands real time data and information at any time of the day, from anywhere and on any device of their choice. BYOD policy designed by the companies renders a sense of ownership, control and even independence to the employees.  The contemporary workforce is tech-savvy and they wish to work in a desired environment while having the freedom of working on a device of their choice. All this gives rise to higher productivity, which leads to higher job satisfaction.

Corporate Encouragement

Every organization wants its workforce to be happy and satisfied – one big reason why majority of the companies are adopting new IT policy to include BYOD or CYOD. Organizations are using these new policies to attract the best talent in the industry because everyone wants to work in a flexible work environment. Companies can even cut down their CAPEX and OPEX because the employees will be able to work on their personal devices leading to heavy savings.

Deployment of BYOD

Deployment of BYOD can pose a huge challenge to the IT team as they will have to take care of data security at various levels. Security is an issue when there is a wide range of endpoint devices that use common company resources like database and applications. The primary challenge that the IT team has to take care of is the non-IT managed smartphones and tablets.

Networks and Data Protection

Organizations need to deploy network level intelligence and frame a policy wherein the network administrator can monitor whenever a new user or device is detected on the network (wired or wireless). Now, employees can bring any device of their choice and hook it to the network if they have the necessary corporate AD credentials. Based on the access policy defined for the device type (personal or corporate), the user can be given access to the network resources.

Official data needs to be protected and network administrators have to ensure that data pilferage does not take place i.e. no confidential data is stolen or lost. Restricted access to data areas and specific applications can minimize the risks. A well-defined policy needs to be in place if organizations wish to leverage the power of technology and BYOD in workplace.

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