Technology in the Classroom – Ways to Integrate Educational Technology Into Your Teaching Practice

Technology has become part and parcel of our lives. Life of today’s generation seems to be incomplete without the proper use of technology. Technology has made our lives easier and therefore with its assistance people can manage a lot of things in one single go.

Exactly like other aspects of learning and everyday life, Use of technology is extremely essential in the classroom.

Today’s kids are living in the 21st century and their routine is all surrounded with technology then why not their classrooms? There are several reasons to integrate technology into classroom and these are as follows:

Reasons to integrate technology in Classrooms

  1. Proper use of cellphones or any other technology enables the students to prepare for future and keep them hooked with the studies.
  2. We all know that not every student is same. Therefore, integrating the technology enables the students coming from different background to connect.
  3. With the aid of technology, you can connect people all across the world and this enhances the learning as every individual gives his/her input.
  4. Use of technology enables the students to feel connected rather than having a weird sensation with the traditional classroom structure.
  5. Technology tends to mold the learning experience of the individuals. It provides the students with unlimited opportunities to learn and showcase their talent.
  6. We all are pretty much well aware about the use of technology in everyday lives. Let’s see how we can incorporate technology in to our classroom

Ways to integrate technology in classrooms

  1. We can always begin with the very basic thing, which is giving students session using the multimedia technology. PowerPoint presentation not only makes the life of the teacher a bit easier but also helps students to focus. Use of colorful images can provide teachers an innovative approach to keep their students focused to the lecture.
  2. Class Webpage: It is another method, which helps students to connect with other classmates and give their feedback time to time. It is indeed the best platform where a teacher can post announcements, assignments and much more. It helps students to get in touch with the teachers and classmates using the official means. In addition, it lets students raise concerns to which they can get timely responses.
  3. Simulation: Simulation is indeed one of the best approaches to use technology in the classroom. It provides students with a real-life scenario in a controlled setting, which tend to improve their performance in the real-life setting.

There is endless way to integrate technology into the classroom. However, if we try to explore ways that improve the learning of students then other than the classrooms, students spend a lot of time at the tuitions which also offers opportunities for the students to learn and excel in their studies.

Why not should we find out ways to redesign the tuition system?

Technology can widely be used in for tuition classes also.

Our tuition teachers have tried to redesign the basic methodology and have come-up with an innovative approach to give tuition services to the students. These services are as follows:

Online tuition Singapore

This is indeed one of the greatest approach designs in order to let students learn by relying on the technology. This not only reduces the travel time and travel cost which every student has to bear but also helps teachers to connect to a wide range of students who belong to different areas. This simple use of technology lets students learn at their own pace and a tuition teacher who is always there to help them out in case they get stuck.

Private tutor

In case a student or their parents are not satisfied with the use of technology and want to rely on traditional ways to teach then they can use the facility of the private tutor. Just like the benefits of online tuition Singapore, the student does not have to spend a lot of time which commuting to and from, rather a teacher is there to do so for the sake of their students. Private tutor facility also ensures that complete attention is given to your kids at a particular time. This maximizes the learning ability of the students and helps them to stay focused throughout their studies.

Today technology has revolutionized our lives and isolating oneself from technology is not possible.You can see the technology in every part of lives then why to leave the classrooms where students learn the basic concepts to excel in their lives?

Redesigning the classrooms and the basic teaching methodologies tend to ensure that students are learning at an optimum pace and are not lagging behind due to the vast difference in their way of living and a way of studying.

Online tuition Singapore is an innovative approach done in order to integrate technology into the teaching styles. This methodology is been designed by excellent tuition teacher who excels in their job and is always willing to help their students.

However, it is always said that too much of something can be dangerous. Therefore, why integrating technology into the classrooms one has to be well prepared for the following problems too:

Problems with the technology in classroom

Slow changing Process

Many schools are not in a position to change their teaching styles in one go. Rather the shift from traditional styles to the use of technology will vary from school to school.


The use of technology may increase the financial cost and as a result, it may put a lot of burden on the parents who are barely even able to send their kids to school.


We can never eliminate the aspect of distraction from the studies when there is an enormous use of technology. With the availability of the internet, there are higher chances that students may get distracted.

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