The 7 links (posts) challenge…Thank you Ashvini for considering me for this challenge. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog in your list of 5 favorite blogs. I really appreciate it..!
To all my visitors and readers of this blog, the idea behind 7 links post challenge is very simple -

- Showcase 7 of your top favorite posts from your blog.
- Nominate 5 additional bloggers with their blog links and pass this on.
So as to continue with the same, below is a list of top 7 posts from my blog. These are some of my favorite posts. I would have listed few more but as per the rule, I can list only 7. I am sure my readers will like these posts. Here are the links to the posts -

Get Inspired, Get Motivated -
Google versus Facebook -
Writing Paid Reviews -

Social Media Etiquette’s -

Do I need iPad, Tab -
Advantages Linkedin -
The Biggest Cricket Scam in India -
And now, here comes the list of my all time top 5 favorite bloggers. Again very sorry, I have to limit it as per the rule..:)
DiTesco – Very professional, excellent blogger and great supporter –
Lawmacs - Excellent supporter and great blogger –
Zarko Zivkovic – Great SEO blogger and a good friend –
Holly Jahangiri – Excellent writer and nice friend –
Wong Ching Ya – Excellent blogger and good friend –
Now, over to these bloggers. Please take up this challenge and pass it on to your favorites..:)