Here are the top benefits of instagram advertising for businesses

The Amazing Advantages of Instagram Advertising

Today every business has got an access to Instagram advertising. Many businesses have had the opportunity to advertise on Instagram and they are now reaping the benefits. Businesses are busy in initiating numerous campaigns in Instagram. The initial outcomes are astonishing. If you possess a creative heart and a robust brand you could really make it work. However, if you are simply thinking of recycling some old display advertisements and adding a filter, it may not be successful. Instagram is known for its high brand engagement. You only need to focus on creating good content that is customized for Instagram so that it is able to fit well with its aesthetic. Your content needs to be original, creative and cool. If you can keep that in mind, Instagram is a wonderful platform for branding. Here are some advantages of advertising on Instagram.

The Early Adopter Advantage

Those businesses that had adopted Instagram advertising platform before the rest are getting an early bird’s advantage as compared to the rest. They are having a distinctive edge over all their competitors. Think of the time when Facebook advertising was a whole new concept. It was a fantastic time for people who were the first to advertise on the platform simply because CPCs seemed to be lower due to the absence of competition. It was natural for the audience to click as the ads were interesting and new and also, users had not yet developed an ad fatigue which crept in eventually. The same holds true for Instagram advertising currently.  This is why it is presently the best social platform for inserting your ads and concentrating all your advertising endeavors on, of course if you are having the right type of brand.

Lower CPCs

Lower CPC is certainly a key advantage of Instagram advertising. Instagram ads have much lower CPC as compared to AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Even in cases of video views, Instagram offers equivalent prices when compared to Facebook. You may visit reputed sites such as for more information on Instagram.

High Conversion Rates

Instagram promises high conversion rates especially in terms of softer engagement such as signing up for viewing more content, or downloading a resource. As far as, driving purchases are concerned the early reports seem to be quite encouraging. However, this is true in the case of a product that is particularly engaging and visual.

Enjoy Fantastic Interaction

Instagram is known to have an engaged audience that is not only relevant but also could be precisely targeted. You could utilize interest based targeting, custom audiences, demographics etc. to identify your perfect audience on the platform. The best thing is that the audience would be definitely more engaged and interactive than they presently are on Facebook.

As per the reports of Forrester research, there is much more likelihood of Instagram users to engage with the brand posts, unlike Facebook. Instagram targeting options seem to be just similar to Facebook as such you could specify demographics, location, interest, Custom Audiences, behavior, and also, Lookalike Audiences. You should be able to reach new audiences which would be more interactive than on any other platform.


Instagram advertising is, however, not meant for everyone. Usually, brands that are targeted at the older people and corporate B2B brands are not the right brands for Instagram advertising. Instagram has about 500 million users but actually, they comprise of the younger generation mostly. Moreover, Instagram is a highly visual platform and only those brands that feel and look good would be doing very well here, for instance, food, fashion, and music. However, if you wish to attract the younger audience, where they seem to be still tremendously engaged and passionate, this is the right platform and Instagram advertising is certainly for you!

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