Can anything be as effective as this? There was a time on the internet when information supply was limited to text with a little or no graphics. If one had to know anything on any particular subject, he/she had to wade through a heap of textual information available online. While images could still be used with the same information but at times, it became too complex to portray information as desired and thus there was an urgency to make information visually engaging which could be easy and quick to pickup for the readers. Also, it had to be clear and effective.

And so to make it all possible, a thought process was instigated which eventually lead to advent of Infographics, a visual graphical representation of information, data or knowledge. The graphical representation of information was mostly inspired from signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. And using such infographics, it became possible for computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians develop and communicate concepts using a single symbol to process information..!

I think I don’t need to get into much details of the same. Most of us are familiar with inforgraphics. Infact every other site which I visit these days, I see these infographics. Apart from being appealing in terms of look and feel, these infographics have certain bigger advantages. These infographics have turned out to be a viable marketing weapon in today’s virtual world and is being valued worth 1000 leads to your website. The viral nature of these infographics have put them on the top of any other available online marketing tool. Brands or say companies are using these infographics as a ploy to increase traffic to their website alongside making sure that search rankings get improved in a creative manner. Moreover, it is all about brand awareness which raises like anything with the use of Infographics. The best thing about these infographics is that anyone can use these to spread the word…the reason why it gets so viral. Most of the sites where you get to see these inforgraphics, you also find embedded code which can be used by any site publisher to publish the same infographic on one’s site or blog and thus generate buzz. Plus with viral activities like social sharing, lets your site grow in popularity in no time.

Now, a question can be asked here. Should I be creating inforgraphic for my site? Should I make use of such marketing ploys to gain advantage in terms of web traffic? Well, it is easier said than done. But if you can then you should. Infographics are being used everywhere these days and there are many online services offering their services for the same. While it may look easier in the beginning but it isn’t in reality. A lot of thought process along with outstanding research capabilities is required to excel in this area. This again has to be followed by exception designing skills which must be aimed at make learning information easier, less time consuming, and more memorable. Creating infographics successfully depends upon how well have you been with the data mining process which is the initial stage of infographic development. The more data you have with you, the more easier it will be to use the same together in one visualization and thus making your design look apparent which ultimately will help you in deciding the best and simplest ways for the information to be displayed. Also, please make sure that whatever comes out in the end is easily shareable. The design flaws must be corrected like being too skinny or tall which ultimately will allow such graphics be easily shareable on social sites like facebook, Pinterest, etc…

So, here you go again. The above insight is based upon my recent findings which happened out of curiosity to know more on these infographics. Infographics have become a rage these days. Believe it or not, it has all positives to offer and so surely must be utilized to boost your online marketing efforts. As explained earlier, the benefits are obvious for one and all, be it the spoken brand, the designers, the publishers including site developers or bloggers…everyone is benefited in the end. So, why not use it finally…what say??

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