Some people say life is unfair others say the world is ruthless. The greatest question however is “Is life unfair?” Obviously wherever you may be in a society there is always someone that people refer to as ‘Mr. Have it all’. The kind of a guy with the best car in town, most beautiful fiancée and may be an expensive mansion to live in. These individuals seem to have achieved a lot but ask most of them, they definitely have a blockbuster movie like story to tell. Could be they stole all that, you never know, but that’s smart so they too have a story to tell.

Take time and meditate for a while about a specific scenario here “Someone is exiled from his own motherland, seeks asylum, and with only a college education manages to set up a multibillion dollar company within a period of ten years.” The most crucial part in these ultra – success stories is, we all get to ask, ‘How did you make it that big?’ These individuals always leave you with a statement that made them who they are, and that must be something that they kept doing and doing.

I call that the ‘button’.

Don’t you think in life there is always a button somewhere that if you tweaked it hard, it would brings an overflow? Well, you may not but I think so…

What sort of a button? Take an image of a young girl fumbling for a matchbox in the dark. That’s how life is at times. There are those activities that you keep on doing, the assurance of a fast massive success may not be there, but you keep on trying out different ways through which you could achieve. Just like the young girl in the dark fumbling for a matchbox, you get hold of the matchbox and light it.

What’s amazing is individuals who have achieved massive success live with us but somehow we don’t ask them what the secret really is. Rather than taking the long route to fumble for the matchbox the whole day, why don’t you yell for help? Ask and get directions.

However asking is not enough, get a mentor. Request the achiever to be your mentor, the person that will show you the Do’s and Don’Ts in your field. These are definitely the buttons for you and an overflow of success shall emerge. Is it worth?

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