The App: A Move Towards The Future of Travelling

Not very long ago, people would be packing and planning for months before they went on a trip. The preparations would first involve getting travellers cheques so that one would not have to carry a lot of cash around. Then the nightmare of booking your tickets by going through multiple agents and of course, who could forget seeking the wise old man in the neighbourhood for suggestions on how to go around the place that you have decided to visit, that too after intense thought and deliberation.


Those were the days they say, but for me- it leaves me overwhelmed just thinking about such a tedious and long process. Not that I am less adventurous but yes, travelling has definitely become way easier now. From the booking of your tickets to finding out about the places to visit in a new place are just a touch away and smartphones have definitely paved the way.

A number of companies offer these travel services with a single touch but with their jaw-dropping deals and awesome discounts MakeMyTrip definitely gives you the bang for your buck. The MakeMyTrip app doesn’t just provide you with features to suffice your travel needs but it aims at giving you an enthralling experience that, I assure you, will be memorable.


Some features that you should look out for in the app:

  • Simplicity of the UI: The first thing that you notice when you just look at the app is how simple it is. The UI design makes it very hard to get confused. The UI is just a delight to look at and probably one of the best UI(s) that I have seen. You have to use it to feel it.
  • Spotlight Search: Don’t let the name overwhelm you. This is actually a brilliant new search option that helps you search for whatever you are looking for with random keywords. So, if you are not sure about places to stay at Goa, you could just use random keywords and the spotlight search will find hotels for you in Goa. You could have your room booked in a matter of minutes.
  • App Indexing: This is a very innovative feature on the app. For instance, if you are browsing travel related content on your browser but then suddenly decide to plan your trip, this feature to re-directs you from your browser to the app and vice versa. So, this makes it becomes very easy to book your tickets and address other travel queries on the go.

And these are just a few of the many features on the app. Now, the best thing about downloading the app: the first time you download the app and register, Rs 300 is credited to your ‘My Wallet’. Now how is that just for a start? A lot of other offers also await you on the app so go ahead and download the MakeMyTrip mobile app. #

StayReady #MakeMyTrip

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