Understanding the power of a contact management web application

The Philosophy of Any Contact Management Web Application

The main difference between integrating a full CRM system package and just a contact management web application is that one is suitable for small companies while the other one isn’t. You will need to know the benefits of both, given the fact that automation is the factor that needs to be implemented after al. Using a CRM program to take care of your processes defines the entire methodology of the actions your company needs to turn a potential sale into an effective one.

The main reasons for doing this are obtaining satisfied customers and persuade them into buying more from your company. These actions include listing the existent prospects, identifying each customer’s needs, analysing the possible alternatives and presenting the right solutions that can be chosen. Besides that, with implementing a contact management web application you will be able to handle efficiently, in real time all the processes mentioned above, action that will later have a great impact upon how your business works.

Before acquiring and implementing a CRM solution, you might want to learn more about the power of a contact management web application accessing this link: https://www.bpmonline.com/crm/web-based-contact-management-software. Reading complete guides on this topic will help you make the right choice for your business. Analyse your activity carefully, starting with the information flows, the way your departments communicate and interact with each other, the way you are distributing responsibilities to all your employees and the entire organizational system of the company.

What do I need to do before implementing a contact management web application?

There are some few steps that you might want to follow regarding the implementation of a program. An automated service desk system will make your job much easier that you were used to be, so prepare yourself for a big change. Here are the steps you need to take into consideration:

  • Performing a thorough analysis of your company’s internal processes. This step requires focusing your attention on any problem that might intervene while your activities are undergoing. Try analyzing the workflows, the way you are handling customer data, the marketing strategies implemented etc. Don’t forget to track the changes you are going to make
  • Determining the conditions of moving source files and databases into the automated system. This step means that you need to estimate how much info needs to be handled and check if the program you want to implement can make it possible.
  • Review the risks. This step is enhancing the fact that there might be some risks when a CRM system implementation has failed. The reasons are multiple among which you can find the lack of cooperation with your employees.
  • Identify critical factors that can relate to the conditions of implementing a CRM system. You need to make sure that nothing stands between the implementation of the product and your company’s success. Check every factor before making any decision.

Before and after the implementation

You can take your company from:

  • Unhappy clients: offering homogeneous services to clients, without taking into account the particularities of each of them.
  • Unsatisfied Leadership: impossibility of predicting sales costs.
  • Unhappy agents: segmented customer information and unknown stages of the relationship the company has with them.
  • Lost potential customers: inconsistency in the application of specific sales techniques.


  • Happy customers: customized offers for each client according to the stages of their relationship with the company and their individual needs.
  • Great leadership: forecasting sales costs and, in particular, agency fees.
  • Satisfied Agents: centralized, unified customer information with included history of the relationships the company has with them.
  • Gaining potential customers: Sales techniques applied consistently by planning the agents’ activity and their distribution on certain field areas, customer and product categories.

What vendor should I choose?


Bpm’online offers both full CRM solutions for big enterprises and other smaller tools for companies that don’t require such an extend range of capabilities. No matter what your choice is, you can go ahead and check out what kind of features they offer. Among them, you can find full visibility on your customers’ data, collaboration tools, a mobile app version for accessing



Infusionsoft is another vendor specialised in contact information management. The features they are offering include a series of collecting and storing data in order to save time and energy by manually handling these. Besides the features a normal contact management program implies, Infusionsoft comes with lead source and score management and task history.

Final thoughts

Don’t rush when making your choice and take into account all the possible options you may have. When selecting an automation solution for your business, you need to put every aspect into balance. Think about what you want to achieve, how much time you have to implement it, how many clients you need to handle etc. After you’ve answered all your questions, you are ready to go.