I love networking and more rightly, I love social networking. Often and again, I have stated the same – Blogging and Social Networking, are 2 things which I enjoy the most. As an avid social networker, I believe its fun and honestly, I have learned a lot from all those whom I have connected with especially on sites like facebook. Now talking especially about the facebook, I have been more active here than on any other social networking sites around.

Twitter…I shall second it to facebook but anyways, there is no denying to the fact that both Twitter and facebook have been revolutionary as far as the boom in online social networking is concerned. Both these provide you with penultimate mediums to let you create, share and grow your network with people around. And no doubt…the success or failure of the same truly depends upon how well are you with the same…in other words, how well do you network? How often do you find time to get in touch with your friends around? How well do you let others to trust you? How choosy you get with your friends? How nice and polite you appear while getting in touch with your network ?

Talking about how well do you connect with your friends and how nice you are or say, how nice you tend to appear when you let your words come out…I am here to discuss one scenario which I had to face just few days back. Well, I really wouldn’t have bothered to share it all here but anyways, I am still sharing it as I feel it would make sense to those who feel that it is quite easy to get away with anything and everything on social sites. Now as I said earlier, facebook is one of the sites which I love the most. I do have a lot of friends over there and it just keeps growing everytime. I don’t know about others but I do value my friends a lot and nothing do I expect in return but there is absolutely nothing like tolerating anything and everything.

Yes, never would have I thought of removing anyone from my network but I had to or I should say, I was made to. Yes, a comment from one of my very good friends on one of my status messages on facebook made me to rethink on my decision to have anyone and everyone as my friend in my network. Honestly, I wouldn’t have cared. But the same mistake was being repeated again and again. Though the message was intended as a joke but it did hurt me and I guess…it would have hurt anyone whose intentions are good and straight. It rarely happens with me but it happened that day..!

Now, yes…social networking is meant to be fun but using your freedom of expression to post anything and everything…what sense does it make? Why not simply stay away from a discussion than to join and leave blatant nonsense? Is it just about mere numbers or Is it more about being useful to those who have been a part of your growing network? Aren’t there any etiquette’s of decent social networking and if yes, they why people tend to shirk the same? Why people don’t realize this one simple fact – any nonsense being shared can affect your online reputation and bring a bad name to your social image? And last but not the least – Should you really be concerned about your online reputation ??