Tips for Domain Searching: How to Search the Best Domain Name

To find a suitable domain name for your business, product or service can be among the most challenging steps in the establishment of online identity. While it is crucial to exercise wisdom when choosing a domain name, it can be very difficult to come up with a creative name capable of describing the essence of your business. Here are practical and proven ways of seeking the best domain name.

Beginning the search

Perhaps the best place where one can find domain names is at, formerly known as This site is very useful in telling you if or not your chosen domain name is taken and by whom. The site also provides you with variations of names that are not taken, history of domain names and if a domain name has ever been registered in the past. If you want information about the present traffic, it is also available. Upon finding a domain name that is suitable for your individual or business website open an account at or any other reliable domain registration site for you to buy it affordably. A new domain name registration will cost you around $7 to $8.

You can only consider seeking a domain name that will be dropped soon or is about to expire. Sites such as will come in handy if you choose to utilize this approach. If you find a name that you love, and you can wait, you can decide to pick up some great names from the domain owners who will let them expire. Another strategy is finding out if an existing and registered domain name is up for sale. While it can be an expensive affair, you could land yourself a very reputable and valuable domain name. If you have the means to invest in such a domain name, you will spend minimal finances in marketing campaigns.

.com extension is more advisable

If you think that you are the only person in a hurry to get into the market, then you are not alone. However, you should avoid making the mistake that such people who were in a hurry made by taking an open .net or even a hyphenated version of a domain name. In the future, such a decision will frustrate you as your customers default to the .com version of your domain name. Unfortunately, emails intended for you may even be channeled to the .com version.

The situation is scary if the.COM address happens to be your competitor. By now, you must already know how costly such a mistake can be for your business. Customers will be confused, and you might find yourself spending a lot of time trying to explain the .net or hyphen aspect to your clients. The secret is to remain patient and acquire a distinguishable, unique and memorable domain name- a.COM web address.

Creativity is key

One of the hardest realities that hit many people when they are searching a domain name is the fact that a simple, single word domain name has already been taken, or it is extremely expensive. In this regard, if you think words such as pinnacle or legacy are cool, such names might already have been registered long time ago as soon as the internet was invented. If you still insist on using such names, you may want to consider looking for an ending such as Inc, group, agency, systems, solutions, global and so on. Alternatively, try the industry specific modifiers like medical, media, tech, capital and so on. Whatever you choose to do, ensure that your domain name is unique, memorable and distinguishable.

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