The success of an SEO campaign depends on how fast changes to the website are indexed. This is particularly true when making small changes on websites which already have an established ranking. If the site only gets crawled once every two weeks, this can slow down the process significantly.

Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to increase the crawl rate of your site, as a result increasing your rankings. If you site is regularly crawled, it means more of your pages will appear in the search engine index.

The following are five vital things you could do to help increase the crawl rate of your site.

Increase your Pagerank

Links are vital not only for increased rankings, but also for increasing your website’s pagerank. Many search engine crawl patterns are determined by pagerank. Pages with higher PR are usually crawled regularly. However, this is not the sole factor. While building links to your website, there are several other things you need to work on.

Smaller and faster pages

Search engines need to crawl numerous pages, and therefore crawling uses up a lot of resources. If you can decrease the size of your pages and increase the loading speed, you are likely to benefit from deeper and increased crawling.


Make sure your server is reliable. You would not want your website to be unavailable when search engines visit. This will have an adverse effect on the frequency of search engine visits and may also lower your rankings because it results in a bad user experience.

Fresh content

Blogs get indexed very often because they regularly provide a lot of updated content. This offers search engines new content to index every time they visit. If your site has a static page which you would want to remain the same, then you should think of how you can add regularly updated content to the website. You could add new content in the form of news and articles, a twitter feed, latest posts, or any other kind of update.


One major issue that many sites deal with is the adverse effects of duplication. This can result in much search engine resources being used up on unnecessary pages, thus leading to ranking and indexation issues. If you are experiencing duplication problems on your website, you need to deal with them as soon as possible.  
Implementing these strategies will increase the crawl rate for your site. 

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