In order to be competitive in today’s market, regardless of goods or services provided, a company has to have a solid and dynamic marketing plan in order to build and maintain a wide a strong client base. Marketing strategies constructed as multiple year sets of plans and goals for a company to achieve so their creation and execution are not something to be taken lightly or on a whim. When a company commits to an innovative marketing strategy, it greatly increases its potential in its given market.

A company’s marketing team looks at what the company wants to achieve and how its potential customer base may or may not receive it, in its most basic state, and then works to fill any market gaps with a given marketing strategy. While much of the time marketing teams look at research, data and numbers, more often, the most exciting and dynamic marketing strategies are born of a crafty sense of intuition, coupled with just the right serving of common sense.

Modern marketing strategies are — and need to be — more dynamic than ever since we are in a time when the marketplace is constantly in a state of flux due to the never-ending stream of new technology and platforms upon which they can transmit their message. Such a rash of new media can be exciting and daunting at the same time, but all of it is waiting and prime for companies to grab hold and use it to its advantage.

Below is a small breakdown of five tips for marketing strategies that may prove helpful in navigating this exciting new world of marketing potential.

  • Social Media is, in Fact, a Marketing Tool. Using social media as a marketing strategy make seem like murky territory for many companies since it’s still a relatively new concept fraught with confusion as to how to use it, how much of a company’s resources to commit to it and how it will be received. The most critical aspect of using social media is that it puts the company’s marketing team in direct contact with its customer base with the ability to keep customers up to speed on the company’s trends, goals, products, new launches and appeals for feedback while customers can openly and honestly respond to the company in real time.
  • Painting a Company Portrait with Multimedia. Pictures do say a thousand words, especially in business. Providing customers with images gives them an insider’s view of that company’s inner workings. For example, Flickr is the premier image hosting site on the Web and gives businesses and individuals a solid venue to share their images with friends, colleagues, customers and the world. Companies such as web hosting giant Rackspace use Flickr to their advantage by sharing portraits of its corporate lifestyle so customers have a feel for the fact that they are dealing with real people behind the company.
  • There is a World Offline in Which Companies Can Reach Customers. As tentative as some companies are about becoming heavily involved with social media and online sources to reach customers, others may steer to hard in the other direction and neglect the real world marketing potential of radio, television, print ads and everyday networking methods. In an ideal world, a company will find a balance between both of these ideas in order to cast the widest net.
  • A Blog Helps Keep Customers In-the-Know. A blog is an excellent means of keeping customers up to speed on the company, its news or subjects related to its products. A company’s blog gives readers a chance to get to know the company a bit more intimately than other marketing strategies such as a social media platform such as Twitter where the content there consists of small bursts of information. A blog is more in-depth and can explore the company and its mission from a variety of complex angles.
  • Making Customer Service the Goal is a Key Strategy. Companies such as Zappos and Rackspace know that giving full commitment to customer satisfaction does reach customers at their foundation. People are bombarded with such a large number of choices that knowing that they will be treated with respect and will achieve satisfaction goes in long way in helping them choose a company.