Novice Travel Blogs
Did you fall in love with your last vacation destination?  Did you have to spend a significant amount of time in a city or country for work projects? Starting a blog could be a fun and potentially lucrative endeavor. You could start a novice blog, including stories and pictures from your trips in the blog. This would be a great outlet to inform family and friends about your travels. After all, how hard is it for you when someone asks, “how was your trip?” Such a simple question, but you want to say so much. There are too many sites, smells, and experiences that can’t be explained in that very moment.  If you feel like you can’t adequately answer in a simple discussion, a blog may be a way to help others capture your actual experience.

Advanced Travel Blogs

If you have a great deal of experience, living or traveling in a particular area, and want to make your knowledge available to others, you can create a more advanced, comprehensive travel blog! This may be an interesting, and if you’re lucky, money-making endeavor. If your blog contains content and resources scarcely available on the web, you could be one of the go to websites for travelers visiting that destination. I have listed a few tips for your travel blog below.  If you are about to leave for your travels/spend a large chunk of time in a particular city, you may want to consider planning your blog resources while you’re there.  I have provided three tips for your travel blogs below.

Tips For Your Travel Blog:

Comprehensive Information

When writing your blog, you want to do your best to describe EVERY aspect of a city or country. Trying to cover a whole country may be a bit too ambitious, but you can probably provide most of the important travel information for a city. What are the top ten things to do, not just in general, but for people with different interests? For example, if you were writing a top ten list for Istanbul, one of the largest cities in the world, you should provide your readers with the following information: what are the top ten bars in each neighborhood? The top ten museums (by type of museum)? The top ten hotels (by neighborhood or area)? The top ten restaurants (by food type)? The top ten parks?  These are just a few things you should cover, but as you can see you need to provide your readers with a comprehensive, overarching view of a city. Your overview should make it unnecessary for them to buy the latest travel guide!

Adding Personal Description

Adding some personal information, such as first-person descriptions or experiences, can make historic sites and locations come alive. Why was this place important to you? If you haven’t been there, find other people’s perspective on a particular location.

Try to Add Reviews for Destinations or Hotels

If you can add reviews to your blog, for hotels or museums, which would likely increase the readership of your blog. Have readers comment on a place or hotel. Or, ask hotels if you can provide them with a review service for their site! Also, get your friends to write reviews about a site/neighborhood they’ve been to. If they don’t want to write about it, interview them over Skype or in person to get their insight!
Make a Twitter/Facebook page for Your Blog
This will help your readers post comments and keep you updated on site information!

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