Tips to increase email marketing effectiveness for business

Tips on Increasing the Punch of Your Email Marketing

With email marketing having been around for quite a long period, a lot of businesses have experimented quite a bit on techniques of making their email campaigns more effective. With a large number of marketers having implemented a number of these there has been a considerable dilution of impact because email recipients are now seeing a lot of emails in the inbox that are in many ways very similar to each other in terms of allure and call to action. Some tips that go beyond the usual:

Customize the Follow-Up Triggers

Because they have signed up, your subscribers are accustomed to seeing the company name in the emails landing up in their inboxes. If they see something that is really attractive or if they are in the market for that product or service, they will click on the email to open it up. As opposed to this, triggered emails arrive in the inboxes because the subscriber has visited your site and looked up a product or even filled up the shopping cart and then abandoned it without completing the purchase. To ensure that triggered emails can be differentiated by the customer from the regular emails that is received, it can be worth changing the ‘From’ name from the usual one that your business uses to a variation that is evocative of your business or brand, yet distinctive. You could also use a person’s name instead of a business name to increase the click-through.

Employ Advanced Tools

You can employ a number of powerful yet inexpensive marketing tools that can significantly boost the performance of your email marketing campaign as well as save vital time required to design them. Typically, with these tools you simply need to upload the email content in HTML format or alternatively mail it to the tool, and then preview the composed email in a number of browsers and email clients so that you can see how they display. By doing this, you get the opportunity to fix any problems of how the email renders before the email is actually transmitted to your subscribers by bulk email marketing services in Mumbai.

You can also use a tool that tests out deliverability issues of your email. You can shoot off the email to the tool, which then tests it across a number of parameters so that in case there are any issues cropping up due to the creative, IP or the domain, these can be fixed so that you ensure that the highest numbers of your emails are delivered to the recipients.

Limit the Duration of the Offer on Mobiles

The duration of most email marketing campaigns is becoming shorter by the day because of the change in how subscribers are accessing their inboxes. An increasing number of subscribers are reading their emails on mobile devices, and tending to ignore or delete messages that cannot be acted upon immediately. To leverage this inclination,email marketers can announce offers that are valid for an extremely limited period, maybe even for just a single day, so that subscribers are compelled to act upon it. You can use a responsive template for the creation of the email so that it displays properly and even include differing content to those accessing it on mobile devices.

Employ Re-targeting Techniques

Even though email marketing produces the highest return on investment across all digital communication channels, you can milk more returns by deploying a re-targeting email campaign. You can instruct the tool to send the email again to subscribers who had ignored it the first time, or even to those who had clicked but did not carry their transaction through to a successful sale. The technology behind this is continually improving, and subscribers are getting the opportunity to see more relevant contents with the addition of dynamic functionality that takes into account the products that the recipient had viewed earlier. The cost of such re-targeting campaigns is also steadily dropping.


By applying some amount of thought to how subscribers engage with their emails as well as figuring out the most optimum display and deliverability, you can significantly increase the engagement levels of your email marketing campaigns and boost your return on investment.

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