Now, this post is in reference to my last post where I had spoken on ethical practices in relation with Google Adsense. Don’t know why I feel so but its very true that most of must be following it all ethically and this is the reason why I still see Google ads running on blogs, sites, without any problem. Very rarely do I see any blogger or any webmaster getting banned from using Adsense. Cases do happen but anyways, that’s very rare.

Looking at the cases of being banned from using Google Adsense, I have tried to study the same and I am out with my own findings and tips. The tips here if followed seriously can never let you in any sort of problem while using Adsense ads on your site or blogs. Certainly it is very hard to control yourself when you know that your site is failing in terms of getting enough clicks on your ads and this is where, you are mostly likely to give it in the temptation to do the unexpected. The major reason why people get banned from using Adsense lies with the fact that they are tempted to make it happen. Well, money is a necessary evil and interestingly, it gets the evil out of you at times. Yes, until and unless you have your control on these evil practices, to feel good and relaxed is just a matter of time before you are made to pay a heavy price and what worse than being banned from using Adsense or any other similar program.

So finally, how to play safe? Let’s see it all here. The very first thing to know – Controlling one’s temptation. Never be tempted to click on own ads. The temptation does come and I too have been through the same experience but honestly, it was more of a mistake than anything intentional. Yes, you may be tempted to know where your ad leads but self-clicking is not the way to go for the same. Instead try typing in the url from the ad or use Adsense Preview tool (for IE users).

You may also be faced with strange ideas like what if I keep clicking on my ads from different systems at different locations, what if I keep requesting others to do the same while returning the favor, what if I start making use of blogs and other social networks for the same activities, what if I leave an indirect comment in relation with clicks, etc… Well, using any of these ideas may prove fatal in the long run. Never let any of these ideas to get over your head or be prepared for the consequences – it’s just not worth it. Instead look for the alternatives, which can be used instead of Adsense to make money online. You can go for affiliate programs, paid reviews, buying text links or banner ads from legitimate sites, etc… Of course, money here doesn’t look much but anyways, you make it all ethically finally. Slowly but surely, you will make more and more. Believe me!

Now, talking again in terms of being safe with AdSense, below are some tips to follow :

  • Avoid employing things like pop-up prompts or automatic software installations. Publishers commonly use these techniques to tempt others for clicks but again this is against Adsense TOS. Avoid using such strategies.
  • Never make use of any instant traffic generation scheme or any paid to surf programs because traffic from such sites is not considered to be good traffic. Must remember that Google has impression based ads as well as CPC ones so if you employ any such trick to get instant traffic, you are most likely to be banned anytime.
  • Google Ads are to meant to be displayed on family friendly content sites not spammy sites like those related to gambling, porn, adult, etc…Full list of recommended sites is mentioned in Adsense TOS.
  • Avoid playing with Adsense code. Until and unless you have the permission to do so, stay away from any such trick. Only few publishers are allowed to make any change in the code. Not all.
  • Keep it all neat and clean to have a better user experience. Have a site which provides a positive user experience free from messy navigation, excessive pop-ups, sneaky redirects, etc… Adsense is permitted to be used only on such sites.
  • You must know that if you are making money from Adsense, its because Google is making money out of the advertisers who have been advertising products and services through advertising programs like Google Adwords and Adsense. In the end, advertisers matter the most. They won’t feel like advertising if they don’t get value for their money and if it happens, the whole system crashes. So, better avoid being into anything like click frauds to rip off advertisers or get ready to be banned.
  • Another very important thing to be followed, never ignore or never be late in replying to the emails which you receive from the Adsense team. If you receive any such email, please be prompt in your replies and do it in a polite manner. In the same way, if you have any request to make or any question, follow it up with a well written topic specific email to the Adsense team. Ultimately, you have to remember here that they are there to help you out. The more consistently you approach the Adsense team, the more better you will feel with their willingness to handle your issues.
Apart from following the above tips, you must also make sure that if you witness any suspicious activities with your Adsense performance then be prompt in reporting it at the earliest to the concerned authority. Report immediately if you have made self-clicks on your own ads, got instant and huge traffic on your sites from any illegitimate resource, etc… Finally, the bottom line here is that most of us are blogging to make money but only few of us get successful with the same. With programs like Adsense, you may be tempted for being evil and you may also get away with it but honestly, its all very short-lived…sooner or later, you may have to pay for it!!

P.S  – The best way to make money from Adsense is to have a much better traffic rate on your site. More Traffic = More Money, as per what I have known from my blogger friends.