Top 20 Facebook Advertising Tips & Marketing Tricks

Advertising on Facebook has developed into a mainstream avenue for businesses and organisations all over the world to advertise. However, many organisations are perplexed at how to get the best value for money when advertising and marketing through Facebook.

To help you extract the most of every advertising dollar you spend on Facebook, we have created the top 20 Facebook advertising and marketing tips.

Utilize video content

Social media has become obsessed with consuming video content. Get out there and shoot videos, make interviews and interact with your audience online.

Have clear objectives

Know what you want from your advertisements before you start. If you are new to Facebook ads make it a goal to gather more likes for your Facebook page.

Create content that suits your target audience

Spend time creating content that sparks a response from your target audience. Then when you boost a post to your niche, the likelihood of interaction will skyrocket.

Choose your Ad photos carefully

Avoid using stock photos. Include images that are real, relevant and relatable.

Make the most of custom audiences

Custom audiences for Facebook ads are a great way to target a specific niche.

If you are unsure of who will respond to your ads, you can run campaigns for different audiences and compare the results and choose which audience is the best to target.

Use Facebook analytics well

If you take nothing more from this article, make the most of Facebook analytics. They provide valuable information that should guide your future advertisements.

Work out who is looking at your ads? When they are doing it? And how they are interacting? Analytics provide a solid base for you to hone in your Facebook advertising and narrow your focus.

Target followers of brands you are looking to emulate

Find out which global brands your audience follow. You can now tailor your Facebook Ads to target followers of certain popular brands. It is a fantastic way to simplify your target audience when the demographics are not obvious.

Test, test and test again

Play around with your Facebook ad wording, imaging, scheduling and target audiences. Record the data and find out what ads deliver the response. Testing provides a method for your Facebook advertising and also saves you big in the long run.

It is easier to spend a little broadly on a whole lot of Facebook ads then throw all your eggs into one basket.

Leverage off other companies

Do you have complementary companies that you can work with? What if you create Facebook ads that include them as well? You can halve your costs and the ads look a little more like collaboration and less like advertising.

Have an obvious call to action

There is no point pouring money into Facebook ads if you don’t intend them to convert. Have an obvious call to action that makes it is easy to sign up.

Tinker with your budget

There are different ways to set up your Facebook ads. You can use pay per click (PPC), daily budgets, lifetime budgets or pay for impressions. Find out what works best for your organisation and set your Facebook ads accordingly.

Run a contest

There is no better marketing technique than to offer a reward for potential customers by running a contest. It encourages people to engage with you and learn more about your Facebook page.

Get something in return

If you run a competition, contest or Facebook ad you want to ensure you get something in return. Do contestants have to sign up to your mailing list to receive a prize? Do they have to like your page or share your content? Always think of ways where you can expand your reach.

Keep your posts short

Don’t bore people with too much information. Keep it short and sharp and try your best to draw people in with 1-2 sentences. Also spend time creating a headline for your ad that draws attention.

Mix up your cover photos and profile pictures

By mixing up your photos it shows people that you are active and you can keep up to date with current events and incite a response from your audience.

Add hashtags

Hashtags are still in vogue. While they are still around it is best to take advantage of them. You may be able to increase your reach organically without too much effort.

Interact with your audience

Ask your audience questions, engage in conversations and create content to get a response. It helps build up your social awareness and you can gather valuable feedback.

Share the content of your fans

Fan posts can provide great testimonials for your business and show that you value your customers’ input.

Use memes

Are you running out of content? Memes are an entertaining way to draw a reaction from the crowd. Use memes that have relevance to your Facebook page.

Give shout outs

It is easy to make all content relate to your company. If you make shout outs to other people and organisations who make a contribution you will increase their profile and yours.

Kelly J. Harris is a freelance writer thesis writing service, experienced entrepreneur and Facebook ad enthusiast. What tactics do you use to make the most of your Facebook advertisements? And what tips would you give those entering the world of Facebook marketing for the first time?

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