Top 22 Most Dangerous Apps For Android Users [Updated List 2017-18]

Apps…we all love it. Isn’t it? But have we ever realized the fact that these Apps can also behave as a spy. Yeah, it is true and majority of such cases have become common with those using Android. Android users are more vulnerable to such attacks or say spying. Not all but yes there are few such apps which can do more harm than good. How about knowing such apps in advance? I know most of you are now eager to know about such apps…Even I was..!

dangerous android apps

So, here it is. The list below highlights some of the most dangerous apps for Android for the year 2017-18. The list was generated by a software company named, Check Point. Check Point found that most of these apps assisted hackers and so these were eventually delisted by Google from the Play Store. You can refer here for more info.

  1. Realtime Booster
  2. Smart Swipe
  3. File Transfer Pro
  4. Network Guard
  5. LED Flashlight
  6. Voice Recorder Pro
  7. Free Wifi Pro
  8. Call Recorder Pro
  9. Call Recorder
  10. Realtime Cleaner
  11. Super Flashlight Lite
  12. Wallpaper HD – Background
  13. Cool Flashlight
  14. Master Wifi Key
  15. WiFi Security Master – WiFi Analyzer, Speed Test
  16. Free WiFi Connect
  17. Brightest LED Flashlight-almighty
  18. Brightest Flashlight
  19. Call Recording Manager
  20. Smart Free WiFi
  21. Brightest LED Flashlight-Pro
  22. Dr. Clean Lite

Well, the above list looks very surprising to me as some of the apps in the list are very commonly used as far as I know. I myself have been using apps like Call Recorder from long. But again there are several call recording apps with the same app title. And the app which I use is still available on Google Play Store for download. It comes from the publisher – Applicato. Glad that app is safe to use. I have also used Flashlight apps but I am happy that I uninstalled it a long back. Rest apps from the list, I have never tried out any of them. So, no worries for me!

As I myself have been using Android device from long, I would suggest all my Android users to avoid downloading any of the above apps from anywhere on the internet, even from the Google Android Market. And even if you have downloaded any of these apps, please uninstall them immediately to avoid any major issue on your device. Also, it is good to see Google keeping a strict check on flow of such apps in the play store. The list above is just a tip of the iceberg. Several more apps can be added in the list. Anyways, let us hope that such malicious apps are never let again so easily on to Google Play Store. Please feel free to let us know if you have come across any dangerous/malicious apps on your Android device.

Earlier in the year 2012, we had come to know about the top 13 most dangerous Android apps as listed out by the Antivirus firm, Norton. Most of the apps being free to download came from a single publisher and were found to be infected with viruses or malicious code. Some of these were also infected with data stealing Trojans.

  1. Counter Elite Force – Publisher: iApps7 Inc – Category: Arcade & Action
  2. Counter Strike Ground Force – Publisher: iApps7 Inc – Category: Arcade & Action
  3. Counter Strike Hit Enemy – Publisher: iApps7 Inc – Category: Arcade & Action
  4. Heart Live Wallpaper – Publisher: iApps7 Inc – Category: Entertainment
  5. Hit Counter Terrorist – Publisher: iApps7 Inc – Category: Arcade & Action
  6. Stripper Touch Girl – Publisher: iApps7 Inc – Category: Entertainment
  7. Balloon Game – Publisher: Ogre Games – Category: Sports Games
  8. Deal & Be Millionaire – Publisher: Ogre Games – Category: Sports Games
  9. Wild Man – Publisher: Ogre Games – Category: Arcade & Action
  10. Pretty woman lingerie puzzle – Publisher: redmicapps – Category: Photography
  11. Sexy Girls Photo Game – Publisher: redmicapps – Category: Lifestyle
  12. Sexy Girl Puzzle – Publisher: redmicapps – Category: Brain & Puzzle
  13. Sexy Women Puzzle – Publisher: redmicapps – Category: Brain & Puzzle
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