The Top 5 Apps For Saving Money On Expenses

Thanks to the development of apps, you can now use your mobile device not only for shopping, but to save a lot of money, too. If you want to save money on groceries, eating out, or reduce travel expenses, there is probably an app that can help you do it. Wherever you may be, you can consult your mobile device for reducing the price of almost anything, including the items you buy on a daily basis.

Google Shopper

It helps you find a specific product that you look for, within the lowest price. Whether you buy a video game, book, or DVD, you can use the camera of your Smartphone to scan a product’s cover. The app searches the Internet for online or nearby stores. Another way to search is by using barcode scan, which allows you to find more about a product in details. You can scan bar codes for almost any product, and compare electronics, as well as groceries. But, chances of saving money are more possible with high-priced products and can save a lot by comparing the prices of electronics and share your finds with friends and family. The app is available for all kinds Smartphone.

Grocery Gadget

This app helps you save on food and shopping, the app is available for android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. Making a list and sticking to it a way of saving on groceries, as well as using coupons, buying in bulk and looking out for sales. The app lets you to create lists and do more, plus, lets you chart your groceries and spending habits; it helps to share lists and add recipes. It can even map and remember the layout of a store.

Open Table

With this app eating can mean saving money, not only does the app help save you time and hassle, but its members can earn and add points towards dining cheques for any registered restaurant under Open Table. You can search and make table reservations on over 11,000 eateries in the U.S, the U.K, Canada and other from any place you like and the refine results are given by parameters that includes prices. The app is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and all tablet devices.


Every day, the Groupon app features new and unique experience for users at discounted prices in cities around the world. From theaters, restaurants, stores, spas or in special events, Groupon associates with businesses and offers daily deals. The Groupon deals are offered a wide range of cities, you can choose to browse a specific city, and the app even allow you to purchase on the move, so you never miss out on a great deal again. You can track the deals by date, location and expiration, and redeem coupons directly from the phone. The app is available for all Smartphone or Tablet OS.

Flight Network

Available for iPhone and BlackBerry can help you save on travel. Flight Network apps help to find and book the best deals on air tickets. The app searches for flights from the top international or local airlines. You can book and pay for tickets and take the benefit of the price drop cover, which lets you gain credits if prices drop after you book your trip.

Presently, apps can be utilized for scanning barcodes, to find more about certain products, to redeem coupons, or search for the lowest priced products in your locality, online or at a local store. After you find a product you’ve been looking for, you can even download a different app for tracking your finances.

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