Top 5 Free Video Collaboration Tools For Business

Businesses are fast realizing the importance of connecting their remote employees so that they can work together with the others in the organization. From communicating with clients to collaboration with colleagues, latest video collaboration tools are playing a very important role, irrespective of the distance. Collaboration among team members becomes more effective when they are able to see each and not just hear their voices. The participants of a video conference are found to be more attentive and it also boosts their moral. Some of the prominent benefits of video collaboration are:

  • Staying connected while traveling
  • Flexibility to the mobile workforce
  • Strengthens the bond among team members
  • Helps to break down any form of cultural barriers

There are several conferencing solutions available in the market for free and these are facilitating free and easy video collaboration in an organization. Here is a list of the top 5 free video collaboration tools that you too can use for your business communication:


This is a free videoconferencing solution, which helps to connect up to 125 people to a virtual conference at a time. This is possible with the help of simultaneous video feeds and the participants can even share their computer screen or an application window to give presentations. This conferencing solution also includes markup tools that helps the professionals annotate or edit PDFs, documents as well as videos collaboratively. A variety of web-connected devices can be use by the participants to join the meeting and the hosts can even record the proceedings for reviewing at a later date.


This is by far the most popular video collaboration tool available in the market and businesses of all sizes (small, medium and large) use it for video conferencing. During the earlier days of Skype’s launch, it was used primarily by individuals for video-calling with family and friends. However, with the critical upgrades, it was also extended to the businesses. Though the basic version of Skype is free, the Premium version comes at a price of $9.99/month. The premium version allows up to 10 participants on group calls and the participants can also use advanced video collaboration features like group screen sharing, document sharing, presentations and spreadsheet sharing.


This is a conferencing solution which provides tools and APIs to deliver WebRTC. OpenTok is a platform that helps in video collaboration through a variety of web devices. This conferencing solution is fast gaining popularity in the business circles and many companies are using this for video collaboration.


This is a web based video collaboration tool that facilitates six-way conferencing. This application is web based and can be accessed from web browsers. Participants are not only able to carry out video conferencing but are can also avail advanced features like application screen sharing, conduct surveys or polls and carry out recording for reviewing the meetings at later stage. Webinars too can be conducted by the hosts and the participants can also be charged for accessing the webinar.


For up to ten participants, Vyew is offering free web conferencing solution and since you would be using the console for free, expect advertising banners to show on the console. Users are able to share their screens during video conferencing sessions or the host can import the document during the meeting. If the document is imported then the participants as well as the participants will be able to provide comments on the document. However, neither the moderator nor the participants will be able to edit the documents. This video collaboration tool is recommended for the businesses that want to initiate and conduct presentations that are only one way.

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