5 best keyboard apps in India

Top 5 Keyboard Apps in India

Texting has become one of the famous ways to stay in connect with each other and people have started using it more than any other measure. Since we do not always call people to stay in connect, and rather prefer texting each other, it is very important as well pleasing that we have a keyboard that entertains all kinds of smiley and cute fonts. Let us look into keyboard apps that are not only good but great. Let us look at them one by one,

1) Bobble Stickers & Keyboard App

Bobble is one of the finest apps that is compatible with all forms of latest texting apps, like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Line, Hike etc. The Bobble keyboard is full of attractive stickers; well, now you don’t always just have to smile, blush or hang your ridiculous tongue outside for Bobble ships you with a lot many other options to display your emotions, publicly. Now you can dig in burgers and French fries, take swigs from a big cold mug over brimming with Bear and dance wearing high heels. And so you know, no more there is any shortage of showing only through smiley what you are up to and how you do that.

2) Chrooma keyboard

It is new one in the keyboard industry but despite of its newness, it holds all the basic and experts qualities of a keyboard. It even comes with a swipe texting feature other than the normal ones, of course. Although it is not a free one, yet it can be bought in only about $1.49.

3) Flesky Keyboard

If you are fond of trying different keyboards, well this one is the must try. It has one of the bests sensors that can predict better than any other app can about what a person is going to type. So if you are a fast texter, this one is definitely for you.

4) Go keyboard

Well, the good thing about this app is that it is absolutely free and comes handy with app. The point about Go keyboard is that once you have used it, you cannot just go indifferent about it; I mean either you would love it or you would it. You would not be indifferent about using this app.

5) Google Keyboard

Well, it is free, one thing and it is obtained automatically stocked in the android phones. So, most of the people already know about its functioning. It is a popular one and extremely user friendly.

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