Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions 2020

Few days back I had shared my thoughts on the importance of Digital Marketing certification. I had come up with valid points justifying the need for a right certification program in a highly competitive job market today. I had shared my insights on popular digital marketing certifications available today for students and professionals alike. I had also discussed on important aspects of digital marketing certification program being offered by renowned institutes and organizations in India.

No doubt, having a digital marketing certification helps. It makes you feel better and drives off the unnecessary competition you may be facing from others who are vying for a similar position or profile in the given industry. But wait! Certifications cannot guarantee you job. Eventually a lot depends on the interview you are attending in a company for a desired profile. For a digital marketing job, you are likely to face a similar round of interview aimed at testing your skills and knowledge in the area of Digital Marketing. So, it becomes very important for a candidate to prepare well for the interview prior to being selected for a given job in a company.

Below is a list of some latest digital marketing job interview questions which I have compiled from various sources especially by contacting my friends who have recently appeared for such interviews in different companies. Most of these questions are easy to crack for an experienced digital marketing professional but may not be the same case for freshers. Also, some of these questions are very data centric which are meant for experienced professionals who need to support their answers with data or say measurable information.

So, here we go. Check out the list of interview questions below:

  1. What are various mediums of Digital Marketing through which you can generate a lead?
  2. What is your specialization in Digital Marketing?
  3. Define leads – What do you consider as a digital marketing lead?
  4. Which are the areas of Digital Marketing that works best for B2B lead generation?
  5. Through which digital marketing medium have you generated the leads?
  6. For which market have you generated the lead? – B2B or B2C
  7. What were the targeted services/technologies for which you generated the lead?
  8. How many leads were you generating each month?
  9. From which geographical location did you get the leads? Under that geography, for which services or technology and from which industry did you get the leads? What was the revenue?
  10. What was the process?  – Do you forward the lead to Sales or Manager or you and technical person handle by yourself?
  11. Are you aware of the entire sales cycle? Explain!
  12. How do you plan to bring us a lead via Digital Marketing?
  13. What do you think would be the best service/technology on which we can expect a lead?
  14. How many leads do you generate from the below activities:
    Paid Medium (PPC)
    Lead research
    Display marketing
    Social Media Optimization
  15. Do you like reading? Which blogs do you read to gain knowledge about Digital marketing?
  16. What are the latest Digital Marketing Trends?
  17. What are various marketing automation tools?
  18. On which tool do you hold expertise or have worked maximum or have turned out to be effective?
  19. Do you know about Google penalties? Name two major penalties?
  20. What was the latest google update? Explain!
  21. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
  22. Do you perform competitor research? Which tools do you use?
  23. Did you visit our website?
  24. Did you find anything missing in SEO on-page?
  25. Do you have hands on experience in on-page and off-page activities?
  26. On which different link-building activities have you worked on?
  27. Can you get us links from Wikipedia?
  28. Do you know how to implement structured data on a website?
  29. What would be the process to make our website rank?
  30. How do you track our SEO success? Define important factors?
  31. What would be the backup plan if the website is not ranking or getting leads from targeted keywords?
  32. What is Facebook Marketplace? Is it effective to B2B business?
  33. Which social media platform is best for B2B lead generation?
  34. Which social media platform gave you maximum lead? For which region, service, technology or industry?
  35. How many relevant page likes did you increase on your previous company’s/client’s Facebook page? In how much time interval? – How? –( IT/Non IT—- B2B/B2C)
  36. How many relevant followers did you increase on your previous company’s/client’s twitter profile? In how much time interval? – How? –( IT/Non IT—- B2B/B2C)
  37. What is the difference between LinkedIn update and posts?
  38. What are the different ways to generate B2B leads via LinkedIn? – Explain?
  39. What is the use of Sales navigator in LinkedIn?
  40. What type of email campaigns you ran in your previous company? How did you collect the database?
  41. Were you using some database service providers like or you have researchers who find for you?
  42. What was the open rates of the emails?
  43. How many campaigns were you running monthly/quarterly?
  44. How many leads were you getting each month via email marketing?
  45. What was the % of unsubscribe list? What do you think is the reason for them to unsubscribe? [Or] what are some major reasons people unsubscribe?
  46. What type of advertisement campaign did you ran? Which services/technology did you target?
  47. What was the daily budget? For which services did you get the lead?
  48. What was your role in the campaign?
  49. If given a chance, mention any campaign idea that you would like to drive to aware people about services offered?
  50. What would be you plan for PPC if the budget it low? Can you yield result in low budget?
  51. Do you have experience in content marketing or Affiliate marketing? Do you think it is effective for B2B business?
  52. How can be content marketing useful?
  53. What all factors do you see for keeping your company website updated?
  54. Were you involved in creation of Marketing Materials?
  55. What type of marketing materials did your company use?
  56. What are the places you use those marketing material?

Well, these are some of the latest questions which are being asked during interviews for a digital marketing profile. I am sure if you are well prepared to answer these questions, you can easily ace your interviews for a digital marketing job. You can find more such interview questions from other sites. The list of questions I have shared here above are actually the most recent/latest interview questions compiled from genuine sources. I will try to update the above list frequently if possible.

I hope you find the list of questions useful. Please feel free to share your thoughts/questions if any.

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