Top Online Learning Sites for Technology Learners

Online Learning has become biggest trend these days. Any why not? Increasing digitalization has made learning more feasible and accessible to masses. No longer one needs to confine himself to physical boundaries to gain knowledge. The virtual medium has opened its gateway for limitless learning from your own comfort zone. With easy access to technologies, learning has transitioned into fun-filled and jolly activity.

top online learning sites

This is clearly evident from the spurt of online learning websites which are getting popular among learners & knowledge seekers, Especially for the technology learners, online learning websites have become a big boon. We are today going to see some of such most popular online learning websites for technology learners. These online learning sites operate mostly on subscription model. Unlike free learning available on platforms like youtube, most of these platforms offer paid courses which are at time costly but still very benefiting to the subscribers. Let’s know about them!!

Linkedin Learning

Linkedin requires no introduction. The professional networking site has grown in leaps and bounds in the recent years. One of the biggest addition to Linkedin has been Linkedin Learning (formerly Linkedin Learning is a heaven for the learners especially for those looking to learn and brush up their technology skills. Though not just on technology, Linkedin Learnings also offers courses to build your creative and business skills which are high on demand in the current job scenario. The best part of Linkedin Learning is that the courses are taught by instructors with real world experience. That way it is more fun and effective.  

You can find all types of courses with Linkedin Learning like courses on marketing, technology, programing, etc..  You can even make your choice from the trending and recommended courses. Learn what you want to and at your convenience.

To get started, you can visit this link here –

You can enrol for a free trial for a month and learn as many courses you want before opting for the paid monthly subscription which costs just $20. You can even go for annual subscription which makes it just $15/month. Either way, Linked Learning offers very cheap and attractive course for the learners. Definitely recommended!!

Learn from Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular sites for freelancers. Perhaps it was the first site on the internet which helped buyers to connect with freelance sellers for just $5. The site has progressed rapidly in the recent years helping freelancers to earn as much as they could by utilizing their skill set.

Fiverr has recently started its own paid learning platform to help freelancers learn and boost their skills for any given job. Currently the courses are offered in creative and digital marketing domain. The courses are taught by professional experts which is a big plus.

Once you’ve completed a course, you can stand out from the rest in your category with a badge on your profile, a better Gig ranking, and additional skills you can use to expand your service!

So now learn more and earn more with Fiverr.

Get started here –


Another addition to the growing list of online learning sites is Udemy. Though the site is old, it still stands tall against similar known sites. Udemy offers course on anything and everything. Yes, you have a good number of courses on technology, business, health, lifestyle, music, photography and lot many different topics.

All the course on Udemy are paid video courses and quite expensive than most of the similar courses available on the other learning sites. There are almost 80,000 courses currently in the Udemy library and all of these courses are accessible as per one’s convenience.

Udemy also offers people to create and run their own online course by using its tools. That’s really cool!!

Get started with Udemy today –

Google Academy for Ads

Google, google everywhere!! Do you love to read and know more about Google products and services? Do you wish to become a google ads expert? If yes then Google Academy for Ads is a perfect place for you to get started.  

At Google Academy for Ads, you can learn everything about Google products and services including Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube and lots more. You can also earn certifications. And all for FREE!!

Check out all available courses here –

Hubspot Academy

Probably one of the top names in skill building online learning platform. Hubspot Academy offers premium online learning courses for individuals looking to learn and develop skills in business, marketing and sales domain. Some of the premium courses available at Hubspot Academy are:

  • Email Marketing Course
  • Inbound Marketing Course
  • Content Marketing Course
  • Facebook Marketing Course
  • Graphic Design Course
  • SEO Course

Each course at Hubspot is meant to train individuals to help them grow their professional career in marketing and sales domain. All courses are taught by experts having ample experience in relevant domains. Each course is broken down into several sub topics with at least 2-3 videos in it. You can come back anytime to retake the courses. There is no such restriction. Also, you have a chance to complete certifications for some of the courses. Again its all for FREE!!

Getting interested in Hubspot courses? If yes then check out their courses here –

Well, here you go! The above listed sites are some of the best online learning sites for those seeking to learn and increase their knowledge base especially in tech domain. The list is not complete though. I will be adding more to the list in the times to come. Till then, happy online learning to you all!!

Please feel free to share you thoughts if any!

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