Well, I always wanted to do it and so I started it. It was so very natural for me. The desire was there and was initially fueled by the desire to make some money online. And I did it successfully well during my early stages of blogging though not much yet quite satisfying. However the most important thing for me was that I always wanted to blog. I was knowing it that I could do it. I was knowing that I could write. I was knowing that I have the ability to be a good blogger. And I don’t know how much well I am with it till date but yes it never stops…

Anyways, that was something in relation with me. Now, have you been through a situation where you were caught with a dilemma – Should you blog or not? Obviously, not everyone can be a blogger. But yes, I have been through many blogs till date where I have felt as if – Why on earth is this person blogging? Why is he wasting his plus ours time? What nonsense? Believe me..this feeling does come at times. Blogging is one of the finest activities today on the internet. It is highly addictive in nature plus I believe it is one of the most passionate activities if you are really serious with it.

Now, as I said..not everyone can be a blogger. Yet I see many bloggers coming up like anything these days. Well, please don’t take me as being hateful or criticizing in nature. Its just because I think that there is a thin line between being a blogger and being not the same. Obviously, blogging is about writing but is it only about writing. What do you think? Does this blogging thing fit with everyone of us? Who and who should not blog? Based on all these questions, I have come up with a list which speaks about certain situations where one should keep away from this blogging thing. Obviously, I am not saying that one shouldn’t blog but blogging does require some skill especially if you have any such desire to make the most of it.

Below are some of the situations where I feel that one should keep away from this blogging thing -

No knowledge of English

Well, almost every blog today is written in the same language and no doubt, it is English. Now, if you think you can do without it, think again and again. With English being the universal language, ideally it would be suited for anyone to have his/her blog being written in the same language. If you are planning to start it in your own mother tongue then you are most likely to see your blog isolated from the rest which I believe no one desires for. Millions of blogs today are in English and if yours is in a different language then I feel sorry for it.

Blogging gives easy money

How many of you have heard the same? You have heard it right but I would rather put it as – Blogging is one of the best mediums to make money online. But definitely there is nothing like easy money involved with it. To make money online, requires lots of thinking, experimentation and a great deal of smart work. It really isn’t so simple as it sounds. You have to think out of the box and at times, need to compromise also. This goes in respect to your Google page rank and your daily visitors. Anyways, please get away from this thinking and if you cannot, then blogging may not be the right option for you.

Blogging is just about writing

Yes, you cannot blog without writing. But Blogging is not only about writing anything and everything. It is writing with a difference. Blogging is actually an online journal, an online diary where people are supposed to leave their thoughts on any particular subject or topic. The writings are mostly first person narrative. Obviously, you could write at as a second person narrative but it does not fit well with this blogging thing..in the end.

Blogging has no restriction

Freedom of expression..that is what we call it. This goes well with this blogging thing. But this freedom of expression gets misused by most of us especially by those who feel that blogging does not have any restriction as such. We are free to voice our opinion or thought on anything. This is good actually but in the process of doing this, many of us forget that there are certain ethics or say limitations in this blogging. Blogging is not a place to spread hate and violence. If you think that you are superior than others then it does not mean that others are inferior to you. You could be showcasing this on your blog but definitely, your writings shouldn’t be based on hate or blasphemy. If you still cannot then please keep away from this blogging thing.

Well, there could be many more additions to the above list. But for the time being, I think that these 4 points are ultimate decider in making the right choice. I am still not saying that you shouldn’t blog. But make sure that you have these points in mind before making any decision to join this bandwagon of bloggers. In the end, its all your wish.