Top Web Designing Mistakes Every Small Businesses Make

Web design is a process of conceptualizing and planning, using a set of HTML codes and java script, to determine the layout, colors, text style, images, graphics, etc. Basically it is creating the structure of a web page.

web design mistakes

If you are a businessman, the website of your product/company, is an essential means of marketing and increasing your branding efforts. With rapid advances in the virtual world, many people prefer to engage more in a virtual reality. Visitors come to your website for product information, and it is important that you answer their doubts and queries, in the most efficient manner. Also your website should be able to appeal to the masses, so that they choose you over countless others. If you get your website design wrong, it can cause you massive losses initially which would include the heavy investment as well, and eventually even more losses from the potential revenue that a well-designed website could have provided to your business.

Some of the common web designing mistakes that most business organizations make are:

Selecting the wrong target audience

one must first research the target audience in his/her market, before designing the website. For eg:- if the target audience is above 50-60 years, larger font sizes and legible outlook must be maintained, whereas for a younger generation say 18-25, latest fonts and colours along with smart phone compatibility must be selected.

Poor navigation

navigation has to be given the utmost priority because it may create a frustrating experience among any target audience, and may ultimately lead to losing the target audience. Scroll bars have become obsolete. With the advancement in smartphone technology, users thus prefer to use their thumb to scroll down an entire page. Using of icons to aid in navigation, also helps. An efficient search bar with a word predictor to predict items, is also a must.

No clear-calls to action

This is a fundamental error that many business groups make. The website should have as little descriptive texts or paragraphs as possible. If the visitor is not led towards committing any action, such as buy/contact/subscribe, then you are losing out on them. The idea is to not let the users think much. No one has enough time to spend thinking on a website, after having chosen online shopping in the first place. The size, shape, colours used, and the position of the elements on the page, all play a vital role in aiding the user to take a clear cut action.

Flashy designs

To be really honest, no one who can afford a smart phone or internet banking/shopping, likes flashy colours which gives a cheap outlook. Hence the colour and contrast is an important feature that needs to be maintained as they create that visual effect that automatically generates interest in a user to stay on the page. One might even consider colour blindness. A common example which we all must be familiar with is facebook, whose founder himself is colour blind.

The actual content

At the end of the day, people are gonna visit your website for its content. Customers always have high expectation levels. They expect the webpage to have the latest information regarding its products, services and the company itself, as well as implementing the latest trends. Not doing this can send a wrong signal to the user that the webpage is no longer in use. Hence web developers have to constantly keep updating the web page. Updating also helps in search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization

Search engines like google or bing have become a lifeline for people in this generation. Hence search engine optimization is extremely important for any business organization, in order to outrank their rivals in the virtual sphere of marketing. Search engine optimization can increase both inside the door traffic as well as the call volume. There are many SEO agencies that can be hired for this purpose.


Many business owners tend to cram everything into a single page, thereby resulting in a busy and cluttered page that is illegible for the user’s mind. If visitors cannot understand, traffic is bound to decrease. Hence it is important to prioritize the content, i.e to check what should be there, and what can be avoided. Remember, more extraneous items = less professional outlook. The ultimate aim is to aid the customer in finding the item he/she is looking for, in the least amount of time.

The internet is the busiest market in the world today, involving people from every age group, caste, and monetary benefits. Hence, in order to make a business grow or expand, it is absolutely necessary to have a webpage, in order to appeal to the masses. Website designing firms such as web design Phoenix can make this task simple, and also ensure that the investment made, is guaranteed to give its potential benefits.

Another important aspect is that of social networking, which has blossomed heavily within the last decade. Hence the webpages must have hyperlinks connecting it to popular social media pages, in order to aid the customers to share or subscribe their choices. This in turn automatically helps in marketing without any additional expenditure.

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