How to easily move your site from Drupal to Wordpress

How to Transfer Your Site From Drupal to WordPress CMS?

WordPress and Drupal are undoubtedly among the most famous content management systems, specifically because of the different features they offer. Some people usually begin with Drupal and then realize that WordPress is more suitable to their needs. Under such circumstances, migration from Drupal to WordPress is obviously inevitable. This is understandable because WordPress hosting is easy to use as well as SEO friendly. There are numerous ways of moving from one CMS to the other.

You will learn how to migrate from Drupal to WordPress easily as below.

To begin with, it is necessary to introduce CMS2CMS; the software that will help you to transfer your domain from Drupal to WordPress hosting in a hassle free manner. It is also noteworthy that this software is suitable for all types of websites. Generally, there are fewer than eight steps that you need to undertake to move fully from Drupal to WP.

drupal to wordpress
  1. The first step entails visiting and then registering your account.
  2. After getting an account, select the type of migration from the two options provided. You can set up migration using their engineers or doing it personally. If you do not have enough time or patience for the entire process, choose the former option.
  3. The third step is to supply database information; current, as well as new website URL and content management systems types. To obtain the necessary information, just go to your website and retrieve the URLs. From there select Drupal beside “Your Current Site” and then select WordPress beside “Your New Site.” When you are done, click on the continue button.
  4. Next you need to install the connection bridge that makes it possible for data to transfer between the current and the new content management system. For this to happen, you are required to download Bridge file at The folder should be extracted from the Zip file.
  5. After extracting the Zip file, the next thing is to connect your Drupal and the new websites through FTP with the assistance of any kind of FTP client software. When you are done, ensure to insert the initially extracted folder into the root folder of your present, as well as the new content management system website.
  6. Select additional migration options such as URLs, media, SEO friendly, design suggestion, clear current target data and permanent redirects (301) from your previous to new URLs. Up to this point, you are almost close to finishing the Drupal to WordPress transfer.
  7. Obviously, you would want to check out the state of service operation. This can be done by running the demo migration. This is an essential step for ensuring that everything is in proper order.
  8. When you are sure that everything is in order, the next thing you should do is begin full migration. When full migration is completed, you can then sit back and make use of your brand new WordPress website.

Transferring website from Drupal to WordPress hosting is that simple. By following the above steps religiously, you will be sure that nothing will go wrong.

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