Ultimate List of Rooting Software Apps

When it comes to rooting an android phone, you can take different routes. For example, you can choose to root your phone using a program that you’d install on your PC. Alternatively, you can root your phone using list of rooting software apps that install on your phone. You don’t have to use a PC to root when using this method. All you need to do is to install the app on your phone, connect it to the internet and there you go. Rooting will take a few minutes only using this method.

android rooting apps

The only drawback with using an app from the list of rooting software apps is that these apps don’t cover all phones. Only popular models will get their rooting files. As a result, you will need to go back to the PC rooting method to root some phones.

Nevertheless, rooting apps work for most models. That’s the reason you should try it first. If one of the apps works for you, you don’t have to go through the hassle of rooting your phone manually. Here are some reasons why you should always try a rooting app first.

  • Manual rooting is complicated whereas rooting with an app is easy. When rooting manually, you will need to follow a long list of instructions. If you miss any or do something wrong, you won’t be able to root.
  • With rooting apps, you just need to execute a few clicks to root your phone. Everything happens behind the doors and you will have no control over it. It also means you won’t have to worry about the commands and files being changes in the backend. All you will need to do is press a few buttons here and there.
  • When rooting manually, you can end up with a bricked phone which isn’t the case when using an app to root. Manual rooting requires you to unlock the boot loader and then flash a custom recovery. Once you have flashed a custom recovery, you will need to upload root files to gain root access. If you make a single mistake, your phone will be dead for good. When you use an app to root, there is no such risk involved.

List of rooting software apps

Now that you know the right way to root an android phone is to use an app instead of doing it manually, here is a list of rooting software apps. Try these apps and see if you can root your phone without going behind the doors.

Kingo Root

This is probably the most used rooting app out there. It’s free to use and covers various new and old phone models.

One Click Root

As the name suggests, this app from list of rooting software apps takes just a click. You will connect to the internet and then click the big ‘root’ button on the app. Rest of the things will happen behind the doors.


This is another apps from list of rooting software that can root your phone in just a minute. It’s quite similar to Kingo and One-Click Root.

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