Downloading is fun and is certainly one of the things which fascinates me the most. While it is true that there are ‘n’ number of ways to download content today but from my own experience, I haven’t seen anything as effective as usenet client when it comes to downloading content of my choice. I remember I had discussed about the usenet in one of my old posts where I had come up with an idea to organize a first ever giveaway on my blog and to winners of the same, I had offered two free binverse usenet accounts. Now today again, I am here to let you know about a very similar service which I came across very recently and believe me, this online content download service from the usenet is truly awesome and why…I will let you know more below..!

As I had already spoken in the above para, I enjoy downloading on the internet. Most of the times, I am in search of programs which are useful to me. While it is easy to find these programs through search engines, it isn’t easier to download the same. Even if you are able to locate the download link, you are still not sure if the link is reliable or is infected with malicious code or virus. Often I have ended up downloading virus and other infections on my PC while hoping to download the main file. Also, it has been a case where I have encountered broken links. All these and few more issues have made me to look for a reliable resource which I can trust for downloading content of my choice. And this is where a service like helps. As the name suggest, is an online service which enables users to download from worth terrabytes of content online from usenet servers. For those who are unaware about the usenet, you can know more on it here – Usenet

Below are the benefits of downloading it all from the usenet - 

  • Usenet is safe – 100% Privacy, No Virus, No Censorship, No IP logging..!
  • Usenet is fast - Download speed upto 100 mbps with one click. Simultaneous connections upto 8 server farms..!
  • Usenet is large – Usenet is the world’s largest storage network with 2,500 terabytes of data..!
  • Usenet is easy – File are easily searchable and downloadable with one click. The searching and downloading gets more easier with a free newsreader software..!
An online service like enables to you to access all your desired content from the usenet servers. As opposed to similar online services, combines the 8 most powerful server farms in one single access thus allows you to access more files, achieve a better download speed and offer maximum stability. And a free newsreader software makes it all a lot easier and faster. Below are the prominent features of the free newsreader software -
  • Instant one click download with filemaster
  • Supports upto 16 parallel connection
  • Comes with unpack and repair function
  • Downloads encrypted with SSL
  • Preview available for photos, videos and music
  • Compatible with PC and MAC

So, here you go again. is a remarkable service to look for if you are a download enthusiast like me. To begin with the same, you can simply signup for the free usenet trial and avail 14 days of free access to usenet download covering more than 300 GB of content. Once you are satisfied with the same, you can then extend your membership for a longer period of time by being a paid member. So more and more downloads at anytime you wish…Exciting…Isn’t it?