A few days back I wrote an article on this site about the importance of searches which people do to reach at your sites. Well I am here again to discuss one more thing which I was ignoring from long. It is certainly one of the things which has helped me to increase my user retention, pageviews as well as average time on site and bounce rate. And this is all based on the details which I receive it from Google Analytics.

Now, I was browsing through the content of my site which was receiving hits through search engines and amazingly when I went to the last pages, I found that people searching for translations were much more than people actually doing searches on the site. In fact, if 600 of my pages were viewed through search engines, 100 were searches on site, and a whopping 175 were requests for translating my page in a different language.

Thus there was an urgent need of a plugin which would allow my users to translate the pages to their local language. If you go to your google analytics page and go to traffic from search engines, you will see how many readers are coming from different country pages of google such as google.co.in etc.

I therefore finalised on Gtranslate Plugin. The plugin has the ability to translate my wordpress blog which is written in english to some other language with one click. Amazing. Here’s the link :

I would suggest go to your google analytics page and check exactly HOW many translate requests are you getting. If you are getting a good number of them, go ahead and buy the pro version as well. You can buy the pro version from http://edo.webmaster.am/gtranslate (I am NOT an affiliate).

The pro version too has amazing features which create individual pages of your website for different domains according to region. Do check out this plugin.

Hitesh Bhasin is a marketing professional and loves to write on marketing and advertising.