When you launch an email marketing campaign, you want to establish a series of emails that you can be certain will have a high click rate. If people are not clicking on the links in your emails or, more importantly, opening the email to begin with, you are wasting your time setting up the campaign. The 2011 Q3 Epsilon report, which was released in Dec. 2011, shows that editorial content in your marketing email messages has some of the best ratings of any other message type.

If a business can send a message with editorial content, which gives the reader something of value, the business is going to have greater success. According to the report, the open rate for editorial content was 28.3 percent, with the only higher category being service emails. The click rate was the highest of the list at 10.3 percent.

Email Marketing Offers the Chance to Re-Purpose Content

This is actually good news for businesses that already have a strong blog or content site. The content on that site can be reused in email and social marketing. In other words, quality content can and should be re-purposed across many marketing channels. This will translate into more traffic to the business’s website and more effective email marketing efforts.

Creating Effective Emails

So what does an effective editorial email look like? First, the content inside should be short and sweet. No one has time to read a 3,000-word dissertation on a business’s niche topic when they open their email. A few hundred words to get the message across and convey something of meaning is plenty.

Sometimes, the entire post is not included in the email. Instead, it contains enough information to hook the reader, then a link back to the original blog post or Web page. In this way, the email serves to drive traffic to the site organically. If the reader wants to know what the rest of the article says, the link will take them to that information.

These emails can also contain promotions and product information. The editorial content should be the primary focus, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing included in the email. However, it should be what the subject line focuses on. Readers will decide whether or not to open an email based almost entirely on the subject line, so it needs to clearly show that the content is editorial in nature.

Does Email Marketing Translate Into a High ROI ?

The real question then is whether or not email marketing is an effective way to reach a target market. Is there any benefit for businesses that choose to work with an email marketing agency to create optimized, effective email campaigns? The answer is an emphatic yes, but only if it is done right.

Email marketing that gets labeled by the reader as spam is not effective. This can actually drive people away from a business. But email marketing that provides helpful information is still highly valuable. It can be forwarded from one member of the target market to another with the click of a button, thus gaining the business a new potential customer. This type of campaign puts the business’s name and information in your customer’s email inbox, which is something that probably gets checked daily, thus keeping the company in the mind of its customers. Finally, offering editorial content in email marketing efforts brands a business as an expert in the field, and that expert is exactly who customers will want when they need the services a business provides.

For those who prefer statistics to prove effectiveness, consider the fact that a 2011 Econsultancy survey ranked email marketing’s ROI as excellent or good, second only to organic SEO. Most businesses are already on board the SEO bandwagon, so adding effective email marketing simply makes sense.The bottom line is that email marketing still works, and works even better when it includes editorial content. Working with an email marketing agency ensures that a business’s campaigns are as highly optimized as possible. From the content they contain to the offers they present and the call to action, professionally designed emails should be a part of the savvy business owner’s marketing tool chest.