Seeking Fresh Perspective in the Video Game Design Industry

The video game industry is a highly competitive space depending on unique designers and smart brand tie-ins to entice gamers to any one product. As Carl Freer understands, not every game can be a runaway success. New ideas must be cultivated to keep consumers excited about a format that is often saturated, from smartphone apps to at-home consoles.

Teen Input Wanted

One of the unique aspects of video games is their huge audience. Children, teens and adults gravitate toward the platform. Designers want the opinion of kids and teens especially, so they typically recruit them for previews and test-runs to see if the new game has any traction. They’ll offer a payment of some form to hear critiques from the consumers themselves. All of this feedback is documented and compared to the design after the preview day is over. Many issues and mistakes can be fixed before widespread release, giving the manufacturer an edge over competitors.

The Lost Female Target

Gaming has traditionally been a male-oriented playing field, but game designers are starting to pinpoint female players as the next great discovery. Using female designers and test subjects, games geared toward girls’ interests are slowly being developed. Today’s female gamer is not looking for princesses and ponies, but actual heroines with interesting story lines. Designers are also trying to incorporate a more accurate female body shape to make the games more comfortable for girls. A buxom main character may put some players off.

Incorporating Visual Media

It’s not enough to research, advertise and sell video games today. Consumers are bombarded by advertising throughout the day, making them somewhat immune to certain marketing tactics. Manufacturers are looking for more subtle ways to engage players. Visual media, such as free video sites, allow you to see funny, serious or bizarre short movies at any time. Players and manufacturers may actually add videos of kids and adults playing certain video games. Funny reactions on camera often leads to more views online, prompting people to buy and play the game to experience the same reactions.

College Degrees Highly Desirable

When you want to become a video game designer, experience playing games is just part of the skills you need. A college degree in design, business or computer science is preferable because of the sheer scale of technical knowledge necessary to make a character move on screen. You’ll be able to work quickly with hardware, software and particular coding. Any gamer with an insight into actual design is a perfect candidate for any of the top companies.

Educational Entertainment Mash-Up

Another aspect of gaming requiring a different pair of eyes is incorporating education. Games directed at pure educational experiences are missing the sales marks, unless they are for preschool- or elementary-age children. Educational games for teens and beyond are harder to sell. New ideas are needed to mix an entertaining game with educational features. Finding a winning combination could change the gaming industry once again. Fresh perspectives will keep the industry lucrative for many years ahead.

With passionate gamers turning into professional designers, the video game industry has a lucrative future. Infusing traditional gaming with fresh innovations geared toward new players allows the format to continually evolve. This year’s beginner player is the future’s newest gaming entrepreneur who can surely make any game a runaway success, as opposed to what Carl Freer, the technology entrepreneur has to say.

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