Apple versus Android – The debate continues… While I have nothing against any of these brands, I have slightly higher affinity towards Android. And there is a reason for the same. I haven’t had much opportunity to explore Apple iPhone and iOS. Today whatever I know about Apple iPhone/iOS has been possible through some serious reading on the internet and a bit amount of knowledge sharing from some of my friends who actually own it. To own a gadget from the brand Apple, I think is a prized possession as finally what matters to me the most is the cost. And honestly, I had the same thing in my mind when I was looking to purchase smartphone the last year. Apple iPhone was nowhere in my mind as it could ever fit in my budget and so finally, I had to content myself with the Android. It still was a costly affair but still very less as compared to the very popular iPhone..!
It is almost a year now and honestly, I am yet to see any single issue with my Android device though there have been rare minor glitches in the software, mostly due to some malicious apps which I might have  downloaded unknowingly from the Google Play. Well, these little things do happen but I don’t think that it gives you ample reasons for a change. I am doing perfectly well with my Android and sooner or later, I have no such plan to buy any Apple device. People may debate or keep stressing on the fact that Apple is the best but from what I have found till date, Android is a great choice if you like geeky stuff. The same geeky stuff can be found in the Apple devices but somewhere down the line you have to accept the truth – Android is a better than Apple iOS..!
And while I was researching on the same, I came across these fabulous videos on the youtube. The videos are no fake and have a point to prove regarding Android being superior than Apple iOS. I had spent considerable amount of my time going through these videos and finally, I know how Android fares well over Apples iOS. Believe me, you will enjoy these videos as much as I did especially if you are a geek. There are total 6 videos in the series and below you can find first 4 videos while the remaining will be added very soon to the list. All of these videos have been created and  uploaded by a youtube user named wicked4u2c

Please do share your thoughts on these videos. Do you own any Apple or Android product? Have you been into any such Apple versus Android debate in the past? Are you happy with your Apple or Android? Yes or No…please let us know the reasons..!