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Virtual Reality: Creating a New Dimension in Buying Property

Looking to purchase real estate has always been a fun and exciting experience. Seeing the pictures of a house leads to a viewing and a review of the property and the area it is in. More recently this has evolved into a video tour of the property on the internet. It was possible to rule out a home before you even saw it properly. The very latest development in real estate is the virtual reality tour. You will, soon, be able to view any property for sale from the comfort of your own home!

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Simply strap on a pair of virtual reality goggles and move around the property as though you were in it. A decision could never be made in the past without viewing a property and assessing the feel as you walked into the house. Now, this can be done via virtual reality software. With the goggles on you walk around the property as though you live there.  Every room can be explored and you will be able to feel the atmosphere in the house.

Virtual Reality

The next step on from walking around a property which could be the other side of the globe; is walking around a property which has not even been built yet! The latest technology can use artist renditions and architectural plans to create a virtual image of the finished property. The property can be walked around despite the fact that it doesn’t exist!

Making a property feel real will help to encourage someone to buy the land to build a property, or simply commit to purchasing a plot and putting their own mark on it later. The virtual reality headset offer such an authentic experience that you can even walk into the walls!


The new software and helmets are relatively expensive and this is not something you will see being available at home just yet. However, many of the bigger real estate agents will be introducing this new technology into their offices this year.  Not only will you be able to purchase a property not yet built but designed; you will also be able to use this technology to design and visualize a brand new property; your dream home!

Long distance

Virtual viewing can help you to see more properties in less time, all your viewing can be completed within the real estate office. You may only need to visit one property in person and this will be to confirm it feels and looks exactly the same when physically in front of you. This will reduce the stress and hassle in finding an appropriate property. It can also assist those who are looking to buy property away from the area they live in; whether across the globe or across the country.

The aim of the VR technology in real estate is to provide the customer or potential purchaser an exact image of the property they would be purchasing, including the views and whether anything would block their view. This type of information can be crucial when attempting to convince a customer that the building about to be made is their dream home. Being able to see it virtually will allow people to feel they are inside the property; this will allow them to feel the flow and advise if there is anything that needs to be adjusted.

The beauty of the VR software is that you do not need to spend millions of pounds developing a property. You can create a virtual version first to gauge the reaction and tweak your design accordingly. Even the fixtures and furnishings can be reviewed and tweaked if necessary.

Bottom line is, the real estate market is completely changing their property selling mantra. Realtors are eager to use advanced technology to sell, and we’re not just talking about using the internet to do that. Leaving aside VR technology, companies have turned their attention to using drones for viewing as well. In Tucson, Arizona, a realtor has started using these gadgets to photograph properties from a distance, and thus offer potential buyers a unique viewing opportunity. Things are advancing at a very fast pace in this market, and real estate agents must find a way to be one step of their competitors to win customers; thus far, technology is giving them a head start.

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