How to use VPN for security of yout android device

VPN For Android For Security

The vulnerability of mobile devices is growing. This statement is made in the context of cyber-attacks. This is made even more worrisome when you dwell on a Mobile Threat Report by F-Secure Corp which says that 99% of new mobile malware is aimed at Android.


So, should you worry and fret if you have an Android?

  • Yes, if you do not have safety measures in place.
  • Yes, if you have not scoured the market for the best ways in which you can keep your identity safe.

One of the easiest ways in which you can enjoy greater privacy and security is through VPN for Android.

How does it work?

This is an application that you can download within minutes. After which the VPN for Android will kick in to deliver:

  • Protection against identity thieves.
  • Circumvent censorship imposed by laws of a country.
  • Encrypt all your online activity so hackers will not have access to your passwords, credit card information and so on.
  • Secure your Wi-Fi so no one can get hold of details pertaining to your location, IP and so on.

Pay attention to the protocol

When choosing a VPN for Android, you should go with the one that offers support for the latest VPN protocols. Some of them are:

Selecting an app that delivers support for the brand new IKEv2 protocol will give you cutting edge tech support for your online privacy. This industry standard protocol rates really highly across parameters such as security, speed and stability as well.

Stability is important

It is not just IKEv2 alone that promises stability. A VPN for Android app should deliver stability even when your mobile device is on a patchy or unstable connection. This will result in your ability to watch videos and play games even on fast connections.

The swiftness of connection is also possible if the app has auto server selection which simply means that it will choose the fastest server to connect to automatically. Another useful way in which speeds are delivered is with the auto reconnect feature that recognizes an interrupted internet connection and reconnects automatically when the internet connectivity is restored.

Easy installation

Cumbersome apps will never suit your purposes! VPN for Android app like should be quick and easy to set up. Ideally, the app should need just your email id when you download the app. Enabling protection for your mobile device should then simply be a matter of tapping a button and then enjoying instant protection.

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