Ways to Convert a PDF image JPEG file to a Word Document

If you are in need of converting the PDF JPEG image over any word document, you have several options of doing so. There are certain tools, which can help you in doing so, but you may find a couple of hiccups while working on PDF image JPEG file, while working on the scanned image would be simple to do with these software programs. Well, you have three different ways of working with the PDF image JPEG file into the word document, how about checking them as under:

Using Google Docs

The very first option you can convert the PDG image JPEG to Word Converter comes in the form of Google Docs. It is software as a service, which comes in the form of office suite. It helps the users to quickly create, edit and share a number of documents, presentations, spreadsheet, drawings and forms, etc. This very tool can also help in converting any scanned PDF document, which is editable file including the Text and Word. Once you sign inside the Google Docs, you are supposed to update your target PDF JPEG files to Google Docs. Now simply click the button of Upload by checking through the box found over the front called convert test from image or PDF files over Google Docs documents and then click on the button upload. In the next step, you need to convert the PDF image into word, which is done by simply doing the double click over the PDF file and then download the same by simply choosing the word file option ( you can also choose other options as well).

Using free online OCR tool

The other options to do so come in the form of free web based OCR tool, which helps you to convert the scanned PDF and the JPEG image into editable word file along with other formats as well including Text, PDF, Excel, HTML, etc. Once you convert these generated documents, it would simply look like original. The Free online OCR service simply supports the 32 recognition languages, no download or installations you would need on the computer. Using this method you need to visit the site called onlineocr.net and then browse the particular file to upload it on that web tool found on this website. Now select the recognition language and the output format by simply clicking over the button called Recognize.

Use OCR program

Rather using the online OCR website, you also can get the same tool from the web and download it over your PC to do the needful. You can easily download the same from the web and do the needful. Once you have the software all you need to do is to choose the file using this particular program and then start working on the same. It’s a readymade and nothing rocket science in it. You just have to open this software tool then click over the browse button and then locate it over the target files, once you select the language of your choice you need to improve the same with letter variants and finally click on the button called Send file to start doing the needful.

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